How to win at online casinos

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Ever heard the expression “the house always wins”? If you have ever gambled (or attempted to) someone may have uttered these very same words to you. And it’s easy to shrug them off as pessimistic killjoys. However, there is some truth in that saying.

All casino games are designed with a house edge. This house edge is how casinos make money. In slot games, it’s called the return to player. For every dollar you spend, you are expected to lose a certain amount over a long period of time. Hence, the house always wins.

But this provokes a question – is it possible to improve your winning chances and beat the house? Let’s look at some tips you can try.

#1 Choose games with a low house edge

We’re not going to lie: there’s no magical way to guarantee winnings at a casino. However, what you can do is play the games that have a natural low house edge. This means you minimise the online casino’s advantage over you. For table games, this means blackjack – which has less than a 1% advantage if you play it perfectly. For slots, you will want to pick the highest possible RTP.

#2 Avoid the temptations of big jackpots

Those headline grabbing jackpot wins? Stories like this make you want to dump hundreds into the nearest jackpot slot. But the payout on these games is incredibly rare. And those winners manage to beat impossible odds. While jackpot games are certainly fun to play – they can be a money hole. It’s also worth noting that many of these games have a serious house edge leaving you at a disadvantage.

#3 Develop a money management strategy

Landed a lucky win? Don’t just put your winnings straight back into your gambling. Instead – keep a portion for your gambling budget and withdraw the rest. A solid money management strategy means you have funds left to gamble – and hopefully a growing pile of winnings. Alternatively, you could be tempted to just gamble everything – which will leave you short until the next time you deposit.

#4 Consider using a bonus

By claiming a bonus at one of the many online casinos, you can bolster your playing funds. Depending on the bonus you claim, you could even withdraw it as real money. Make sure to check the terms and conditions to know what you are buying into. Good luck at the reels!

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