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How to use promotional products to build your business

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Using promotional products is a sure-fire way to maintain customer awareness of your business. Promotional products essentially place your name in customers’ faces and those who may potentially turn in to future customers.

Although technology has changed the way companies conduct their advertising, the need for promotional products has remained the same.

Here we discuss how to use promotional products which you can easily get from dealer supply company to build your business.

Brainstorm possible giveaways

Pretty much anything can get turned into a promotional product. Make a list of miscellaneous items that would serve to represent your business well. Ordinary, everyday items are usually the best. Some ideas include pens and pencils, clothing, water bottles, and tote bags. Just be mindful of how frequently you place your company logo on promotional items. It’s much classier to personalize promotional items to fit the customers than to put your company name on everything you give away. If your logo is small, it’s okay to place it on small items like pens but be sure to include customer personalization details that steal the spotlight from the logo. When it comes to clothing, avoid placing the logo front and center unless you happen to be a famously loved brand. If you’re able to come up with a clever slogan, think, “Got Milk?”, this might be a good alternative.

Utilize environmental targeting

Environmental targeting is not what it sounds like. This is not a green approach to business marketing; instead, it is a way to give promotional items to the places where decisions regarding your service or product will take place. For instance, if your business is predominantly online, you would be wise to give away flash drives or mousepads. These items link decision-makers with your products when they are making decisions as they use their computers. Relying on promos is essential because it allows the business name to stay everywhere that the prom product does. With these reminders ever-present, promos serve as constant reminders to the client of where they got their product from.

Use logos correctly

Reserve your logos for your most loyal customers. These customers will be more eager to wear clothing or use items with your company logo on them. If you are in a position to be placed in a trade show or fair, go wild with logo production on your promotional products. The setting is critical.

Regifting is ideal

Giving a gift that you received to someone else is not the best etiquette with social relationships. In business, however, regifting is a smart idea because it presents the promo to more people. Get your promos noticed as much as you can, as this will only grant you more opportunity to engage with current customers and future customers. You can organically market your business using this pass-along process.

The bottom line

Be strategic with logos, casual with promotional items, and generous with regifting. If you follow these simple guidelines, your business will grow astronomically from handling promotional marketing correctly.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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