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How to use meal replacement shakes and other protein drinks

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Many people out there are looking for ways to reduce fat and shed weight fast. Although they know that constant exercise gets the job done, not everyone can take the pain.

Thus, they look for easy alternatives to lose weight and reduce calories. That is when meal replacement shakes come in. These are also referred to as weight loss shakes. And they are meals that provide the consumers with food that is low in calories.

Aside from other reasons, it is no secret that calories make one fat if taken too much. This meal replacement shakes offer you the opportunity to eat as much as you want, albeit with low calories.

Weight loss shakes are drinks or powders rich in protein, usually mixed with healthy vegetables and fruits, and can replace your regular meals. These shakes are safer because of the nutritional value they hold in contrast to your regular food, mostly filled with calories.

Another difference between other meals and weight loss shakes is that the amount of fiber and protein present in the latter keeps you full for much longer.

This article focuses on the essence of meal replacement shakes; how they help in weight loss. It also gives you a guide on what to consider before buying them and the top brands to pick. Lastly, the article tips you on some other weight loss tips.

How do meal replacement shakes help in weight loss?

There are about 200-400 calories in a standard meal replacement per serving. This is lesser than the calories in a normal meal. Weight watchers who are usually busy find it convenient to take meal replacement shakes.

A recent study revealed that people stand to lose even more weight when they drink two meal replacement shakes daily faster than those placed on a weight loss program. Below is how this works:

1. All the nutrients are available to you.

Typically, people who reduce the intake of regular foods to reduce calories tend to lose some of the body’s nutrients. However, weight loss shakes differ.

This explains why weight loss shakes are so potent because they still offer enough nutrient replacement. A bottle of meal replacement shake will give you enough healthy fats, fiber, and protein. Besides, some meal replacements even come with minerals and vitamins.

2. It is a healthy alternative

The race to lose weight is not usually as easy as it seems, especially for people with busy schedules, families, and jobs. People who fall in this category hardly have time to eat healthy filling meals, so instead, they eat fast food, which is filled with too many calories.

Considering their busy schedules, weight loss shakes offer them a fast food option but with lesser calories. Within five minutes, the shakes are ready to be consumed because they are very easy to prepare and mix up. One can even prepare them in the morning and take them along to work.

Most weight loss programs, e.g., 21-day fat loss contest, do not even offer the convenience that weight loss shakes offer, such as replacing French fries or burgers with a weight-loss shake for lunch.

3. It enables you to lose weight even faster.

One of the fastest proven ways to lose weight is reducing your calorie intake. Most weight loss programs have this as their major goal, and people who follow the program seek to achieve this goal.

The weight loss program has proven to be effective, but it takes time. Weight loss shakes you to lose weight faster and in a more convenient way. People who take weight loss shakes end up losing more weight than those on weight loss programs. And some of them even drop out of the weight loss program and stick to weight loss shakes alone.

4. Some weight loss shakes are rich in protein.

Protein is essential to the body; unfortunately, most regular food does not offer much protein. The fat loss challenge is successful because of foods that are high in protein that participants take during the period.

With an adequate protein intake, it is more likely that one eats little yet stays full for much longer.

Can one rely on only meal replacement shakes for weight loss?

The answer is no. It is ideal to use these shakes for one or two meals per day and take normal food in other meals. Although these shakes offer nutrients, they cannot completely supplement the nutrient in whole foods.

Factors to consider before choosing weight loss shakes

  • Read the nutritional label
  • Do not choose shakes with too much-added flavors and sugar.

Here are examples of top weight loss shakes:

  • Premier Protein
  • TrueFit
  • Bio-Trust
  • Coffee-Meal
  • Slim-Fast

Tips for weight loss shakes success

  • Drink half after and a half before exercise
  • Use it as a food supplement, not a replacement
  • You can find yourself visiting the bathroom rather often

Story by Becky Townsend