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How to use LED strips in the interior: Ideas and examples

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LED lights are gradually gaining the attention of professionals in the field of construction, architecture, and design. Those who have already worked with them recognize that there is a tangible difference between LED and incandescent lamps. Today we will tell you how you can significantly change the interior of each room with the help of LED strips.

1. Bedroom

A bedroom is the most private space in an apartment. Therefore, it is essential to make you feel comfortable and protected there. Most often, tbi pro wireless led strip lights are used along the perimeter of the bed, the headboard, cabinet shelves, or dressing table. With the help of LED strips, it is easy to create dim but effective illumination. If you prefer multicolored lighting, then you can choose the color that best suits your feelings by using the remote-control panel.

2. Kitchen and dining room

LED strips will decorate your kitchen design and will not be unnoticed. As a rule, they are never used as the main source of lighting, but they rather enhance it and add shades. If you apply the LED strips along the edge of the kitchen counter, cabinets, and any other surfaces, the kitchen will get a stylish look. If you would like to have a snack at night but do not want someone to know about your sin, you can make your way into the kitchen without the risk of waking someone up.

3. Bathroom

Mirrors, sinks, shelves, shower cabins — they all benefit from LED lighting. People often use blue or white LEDs to give the room a modern look and fresh and clean feel. Thanks to the pleasant glow of the LED strips, you will reduce the use of ceiling lamps, which means you will start saving energy. By the way, LED power consumption is about ten times less than a conventional light bulb.

4. Corridor

As a rule, this is the darkest place in the apartment, where things are constantly lost. Highlight the shelves and hangers with LED lights, and any loss will turn into a find. Besides, the illumination of the ceiling or floor will also be relevant: your late return will not wake up family members with a bright light.

5. Living room

In the living room, the lighting will look natural almost anywhere if you choose the right colors. Try to highlight some parts of the ceiling, bookshelves, an entertainment area, and the space of the living room will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye!

In conclusion

What color would you like the light to be? It can change at your discretion by using the LED strips. With a creative approach, you can significantly change the interior of each room for the better. Meanwhile, we encourage you to share your own examples of using LED strips in interior design in the comments.

Story by Alexandra Griffin

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