How to upgrade your Mustang’s interior to make it more comfortable

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Undoubtedly, your Mustang looks great on the outside. That’s for the people outside the car to see, though. Your interest should be more on the interior, which isn’t in any horrible state. Nevertheless, you can always do something to improve it substantially to make the car more comfortable. Here, you could choose either newer stock seat options or go all out for purpose-built aftermarket seats. Aftermarket seats are capable of accommodating aftermarket harnesses, belts, and all manner of accessories.

It’s not just the seats that you should give your attention to, though. You ought to upgrade:

  1. Interior trim
  2. Pedals
  3. All the seats
  4. Seat belts
  5. Audio system
  6. Armrests, center console, and headrests
  7. Door sill plates
  8. Dashboard
  9. Floor mats
  10. Rear seats
  11. Steering wheel

However, this article puts more emphasis on the seats, since they are just as crucial for a good driving experience as the engine. Additionally, comfortable seats improve safety while making you a better driver. According to experts, comfortable seats are capable of enhancing fuel efficiency. In a 2008 survey, consumers said that they were extremely satisfied with highly comfortable car seats. In the twelve years since, you could bet the most expensive Mustang in the world that their views haven’t changed.

What can you do to make the car seats more comfortable, functional, and cool?

Reupholstering stock car seats

Have you heard about the reupholstering kit? It’s an effective tool you can use to retain not only the stock seat, but also the airbags, cushioning, and frame. You’d need to go back to your pocket to find around $700-$2,000 for buying the kit. Nevertheless, that’s money worth spent on the more comfortable seats you’ll have inside your Mustang. Moreover, you’d then have a more drivable car in your hands. Imagine how much your passengers would also enjoy the whole experience!

Reupholstering the stock seats has several advantages. The main ones are:

  1. They add incredible comfort.
  2. Allows retention of the factory airbags
  3. Improves bolstering

What about any disadvantages? Yes, there are, with the main one being the additional weight reupholstered seats create. If you were considering upgrading the car’s interior to reduce its weight, then this option wouldn’t work well. That said, you’d love the feel of it all if you’re a cruiser or daily driver, since the car now gives you one more reason to look forward to driving it with peace of mind. The option wouldn’t work well for drivers whose cars never see any kind of regular track time.

Remove stock seats and install aftermarket seats

The next option is to remove all stock seats and install aftermarket seats instead. You should pursue this option considering the range of aftermarket seats available in the market today. All these options are designed to cater to a diverse range of tastes. As long as you’re a Mustang enthusiast, you’re justified to expect a style that suits you. More importantly, this approach exposes you to multiple benefits that make your decision even more worthy. List of benefits you should expect upon replacing stock seats with the more comfortable aftermarket seats include:

  • Weight savings
  • Boosts driving position
  • Improves bolstering, and could transform your ordinary car seat into a modifiable racing seat
  • Enhances your connection with the Mustang

Other than the above benefits, it’s worth stating that you can bolt aftermarket seats right into your Mustang’s frame. That way, you enhance the existing connection between you and the car. Its locked-in position also allows you to set it to your preferred seating position, hence improving posture, which is crucial in driving as it is in other areas of life. Improving your posture is a quick-fire solution for eliminating all the pain and aches that have made your life hellish when on the road.

Furthermore, aftermarket seats are lighter than the factory versions. Consequently, they provide the added benefit of ensuring that you remain planted when driving. It doesn’t move all over the place, which could be quite inconveniencing. If you’re not well-planted, your mind would be forced to switch between staying focused on the road, controlling the steering wheel, and worrying about all the movement below you. Factory seats are incapable of delivering this quality, especially the more you use them.

Deleting all rear seats

You should also evaluate the need for deleting the rear seats. This option has grown in popularity substantially, especially with Mustang owners interested in cutting some weight from their streetcar. Its popularity is because of many reasons, with one of them being its inability to compromise how the interior looks. For this, you’d probably need a rear seat delete kit, which enables you to do this job smoothly without messing any aspect of the interior. In all likelihood, your mechanic probably uses it, so you have no reason to worry.

Freshly leathered Mustang seats can be as heavy as 120 lbs per piece. Most of them weigh 70-100 lbs per piece, though. Compare this to aftermarket seats, which could weigh around 15-50 lbs depending on brand and make. As for the rear seats, a weight of 20-45 lbs is a great option, too. For this reason, removing them makes your car lightweight. Remember also that a lightweight car is more drivable. Additionally, it’s easy to control, provides unbeatable energy efficiency, and delivers outstandingly unimaginable freakish-level performance.

What are you waiting for? You should visit Revology Cars today to check your options. Here, you’ll get unmatched advice and other recommendations on all possible solutions. Remember, your interior should be as comfortable as possible for an improved driving experience. By working on this aspect of your Mustang, you’re also boosting its value just in case you decide to put it up for sale. It will attract the highest possible price, which is then great news for your bank account.

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