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How to tell if you might be balding?

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The best method of preventing balding is to notice its initial symptoms earlier and take action on it immediately suggested by the hair experts. Both men and women already know the initial signs of balding. This helps tackle this issue and decreases the harm.


The continuous or unwanted loss of hair from the head is known as balding. The scientific term for balding is mainly used as the androgenetic alopecia. It also refers to the pattern of hair loss in both males and females.  There are three phases of hair growth: The anagen phase, catagen phase, and telogen phase. At least 90 percent of hair growth occurs in the Anagen phase. Catagen is for just 2 to 3 weeks in which the hair follicles get narrow. After 3 to 4 months, the hair receives shred in the telogen phase. When the loss of hair exceeds the growth of hair, then it causes balding.

Early signs of balding

There are the first signs of balding symptoms:

  • Excessive loss of hair occurs with the thinning of follicles.
  • Loss of hair occurs while taking a shower.
  • When you take a pillow or wear a hat, more hair falls occur and let on the pillow or hat.
  • Hair fall occurs, and initial balding occur at the temple and forehead area.

Statistics about hair loss

Statistics of hair loss suggest that how much hair fall is normal and which proportion is harmful to ourselves.

  • The average hair falls occur of about 50-100 hairs daily. But this is not problematic.
  • As compared to the male, female face more hair fall or balding problem.
  • According to the American Hair Loss Association, it is estimated that more than 85 percent of men suffer from balding when they reach the age of 50.
  • There is also the genetic issue that causes balding. So, those men who have the genetic problem get bald at the age of 21 or maybe before this age.

Consult with a doctor

After indication of excessive hair loss, an individual must search for a hair specialist that gets advice from him. Because this is easy to catch this problem at an early stage. Otherwise, it gets more severe. Moreover, before visiting the doctor, try to do something at home to stop this balding. First of all, improve your diet and increase the food intake that consists of protein. Do not smoke and drink alcohol. Do exercise daily because this increases the blood flow and initiates the follicles to grow hair. Medication can also help in reducing hair loss. Moreover, use those products or shampoos recommended by the doctor. Try to eat supplements that help in decreasing hair loss and prevent balding. If still there is the problem of hair loss present, there must visit the hair specialist and tell him the complete history that when this problem started and what you did for preventing this till now. Moreover, what products you have used. If you visit another doctor, just tell him. This will help him to recommend the convenient products


It is concluded that hair loss or balding is becoming a major issue nowadays. But the hair transplant and other medications are very effective in use that helps in preventing this problem. It’s a great challenge for both men and women. It does not mean that there is no solution to this issue. Everything is in your control from hair loss and its prevention too. So, people must consult with the doctor, before the condition becomes more severe.

Story by Robert Carney

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