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How to take out a loan with no credit history?

Do you have big entrepreneurial dreams and a concrete plan to turn them into reality? All this sounds great until you find out that you can’t get approved for a loan. This is particularly problematic if you haven’t built up your credit history yet. If you’re like most new entrepreneurs, you probably don’t have enough cash reserves to fund your business out of your pocket. This entails being a little more creative when it comes to finding financing options with no credit. Keep reading to learn some of the best alternatives to small business loans.

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1. Invoice financing

This option is gaining popularity—and for a good reason. Essentially, it involves borrowing money against your outstanding invoices. It shares similarities with a cash advance, but your outstanding invoices serve as security. When the repayment date arrives, you need to pay the total loan amount and a corresponding fee. Some lenders even allow you to get an advance on a purchase order.

2. Short-term cash loans

If you don’t need a substantial amount of money to start operating your business, then short-term cash loans may be your best bet. This type of loan works in almost the same way as traditional loans from banks such as business and personal loans. The primary differences are the shorter repayment periods and the lower loan amount. Be careful before proceeding because these loans often come with high interest rates. To help you find the cheapest loans, you can use HittaSMSLan to compare offers from different lending companies.

3. Crowdfunding

Not having any luck with banks? This shouldn’t be a surprise considering that you have no credit history. But if you opt for crowdfunding, you don’t even have to worry about your credit. Crowdfunding platforms allow you to share your business idea and plan to interested investors. Users who feel positive about your business may consider investing money, and once you reach your target, you’ll have the resources you need to launch your business. Of course, you should come up with ways to reward your investors.

4. Line of credit

A line of credit proves to be the better choice over an installment loan in many scenarios. For instance, getting a line of credit allows you to get the maximum loan amount, but you don’t have to use up all of it. It’s up to you how to spend the money until you reach the maximum. Traditional lenders, however, impose strict rules before approving applications for a line of credit. Your best bet is to turn to online lenders with more flexible options and don’t require extensive credit checks.

5. Business credit card

Many people advise against using credit cards to fund a business. But a business credit card with 0% APR can work wonders in helping you cover the daily expenses of your business operations. Just remember that this is best used for the short-term. Determine when the introductory rate expires so you can pay off any money owing on the credit card. Once the interest rate increases, it’s time to rethink your financing options since borrowing money from credit cards often comes with huge interest payments.

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