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How to take care of your car on a budget in the UAE

When you buy your car, maintenance becomes the headache. Maintenance of automobile can be a factor that burns a hole in your pocket, especially while living in the UAE and dealing with the year-long summer. Maintenance is significant also because when it will be the time to sell your car or switch and upgrade, the resell value of the present car will be more fruitful.

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Below is a list of things you can do to avoid spending more than needed on car maintenance-

  • By following road safety rules, you don’t only become a responsible citizen, you also become a responsible car owner. Going over speed, jerky breaks, sharp turns, quick tyre rotations are all the unnecessary actions that only make a car wear faster resulting in it needing more frequent servicing.
  • Wash your own car regularly by yourself, it saves you money but it is also recommendable to have a thorough car wash done every once in a while. You can’t possibly know what nooks and crannies need cleaning as the professionals do.
  • Check your car engine regularly. Also, be sure to make the correct motor oil selection as it not only offers more friction resistance to the engine but also improves mileage by some degree to ensure you smooth and comfortable journeys.
  • Exchange your tyres, i.e fixing the back ones in the front and fixing front tyres in the back helps them last longer because with the frequent turns that the front tyres are used to make they tend to wear out faster, exchanging them a few times every other month will make them durable for longer.
  • Avoid wasting fuel by keeping the car running idly for longer than 10 minutes. Only turn your car on when needed as the use of fuel by engine increases after some time which results in overheating of the car.
  • Keep the speed limit in mind. Eventually, after 80kmph, the engine’s fuel consumption considerably increases and overuse of the engine causes early wear to it. It is also advised to drive under speed limits or under 80kmph because of the spike in fuel prices all over UAE.
  • Research about the dos and donts of taking care of your car model and try learning to do the basic small repairs by yourself as much as you can so that it saves you unnecessary visits to the mechanic every now and then and gives you an overall idea about how much budget you can save from doing these repairs by yourself.
  • Some things to get replaced frequently are- wiper blades, as summer in the UAE is quite unforgiving it takes its toll on the rubber used in your wiper car’s blades and causes them to degrade. Seat vinyls also deteriorate under the sun and are susceptible to wear and tear, taking care of leather or vinyl seats by cleaning them as often as you can and applying a protective liquid over them also helps them last longer.
  • Learn about examining breaks, belts, wires and especially learn about checking, replacing, topping off and changing fluids like coolants, breaks, transmission, and windshield washing water/soap solution, etc.
  • Lastly, get your car serviced by mechanics every two months or so. Of course, you can take care of your car by yourself from now but you still need a professional to make sure everything is looked after.

So, now when you buy your car, you can keep it new-like with the above check-list.

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