How to take care of your car during the summer: 5 effective tips

The summer season is here with us! While it brings good weather, the high temperatures can take a toll on your car. Unlike your skin that could benefit from applying some sunscreen, your vehicle needs more great care tips to get through the hot afternoons. Here’s how you keep your car in top-notch shape this summer with hard facts from the experts.

Keep your engine cool

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One of the leading summer car breakdowns emanates from rising outdoor temperatures that heat your car’s engine to breaking points. Luckily, the cooling systems should come in handy to prevent heating. Be sure to flush the cooling systems frequently depending on the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions as it loses effectiveness over time. Ensure that the coolant is refilled to adequate levels by confirming the overflow reservoir status. The cooling liquid contains typically a mixture of 50/50 mix of water and the coolant recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer. The hoses and drive belts are also prone to heat-related deterioration. It’s advisable to inspect for cracks, soft spots and other signs of wear and change them immediately. Look out for coolant leaks that tend to be prevalent during the summer as the fluid expands.

Replace the wipers

The windshield wipers have been doing an excellent job over the winter seasons, clearing the frost, ice, and snow for you to have a clear view of your way. You are likely entering the summer season with fatigued and worn out wipers. Summer thunderstorms are well known for their monsoon-equivalent downpour-dumping nature. You might want to replace your wiper blades with a new set in preparation for the summer’s sudden rains. Changing wipers is an easy-to-do task and equally inexpensive. Check-in at the local auto repair shop for a pair of sharp, new wipers and its windshield wiper fluid.

Check the engine belts

You are preparing to prevent any possibility of a summer breakdown. You don’t want to ignore the engine belts. Your mechanic should advise best on how regularly you should replace the belts. However, summer temperatures are known to expand the engine belts which cause rapid wear, misalignment, and fluid leaks.

You might want to keep checking the engine belts for wear, missing pieces, cracks, burn and marks that indicate oil or tear on the belt. Keep watching out for the signs to prevent breakdowns that can keep you stranded under the hot sun. Also, pay attention to burning smell, screening sounds when hitting the gas and chirping sounds when braking. They are clear indications of a worn-out engine belt.

Quick peek at the tires

This tip extends beyond the summer. Regardless of the season, check your tires for three things:

  • Are they well inflated?
  • Do you have a spare?
  • What is the condition of the treads?

As the summer temperature shoots to boiling levels, your tires are prone to a blowout. Monitoring pressure levels is paramount, especially in the hot afternoon hours. Keep up with your routine tire rotations and inspect your tire pressure visually. Check for any wear signs and tread life of the tire before proceeding to adjust. Inspect at least once a month to keep the summer breakdowns at bay.

Don’t forget the coolness kit

Certain vehicle accessories have been designed to make the summer bearable for car owners. The summer car-care cool kit is one of these car necessities. The kit holds a plastic screen protector, cardboard and a sunshade. All these accessories work towards maintaining cool conditions in the vehicle by covering and protecting the windshield and other surface areas from absorbing heat from the sun.

You may also want to invest in a cooler where you can store water and cold drinks in your vehicle. Get yourself quality sunscreen, cool wipes, and towels to help you through the hot days when traveling in your car.

In case of emergencies, you may benefit from having a Fix-a-Flat foam that fixes tires temporarily to get them to your nearest destination. Invest in any items that could save the day during a summer vehicle breakdown.

Final summer note

Other general summer vehicle care tips entail on checking the oil levels and replacing it once it gets dirty, testing the car batteries, examining your car’s alignment, checking for air conditioning and replacing all car fluids. These tips should help you cruise through the boiling roads just fine to your favorite beach or summer party. Don’t forget to have the mechanic give you the green light!

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