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Today, as more of us turn online to source our entertainment, staying safe is vital. Unfortunately, there will always be that criminal element who are hell-bent on stealing our personal information, (including our banking details) to use for their own, ill-gotten gains.

We cannot totally stop those that try to defraud us but there are some useful tips that can be put into place which will definitely discourage anyone who has bad intentions. Remember, these people are not out to make things difficult for themselves, hence they target those with vulnerable accounts.

Staying safe

Most of us know about using a strong password (and never disclosing it to anyone) as well as having a high-quality virus protection – Both of these things instantly increase your security, however, there are a few other things to look out for when choosing an online casino to play at.

Which online casinos are the safest?

Just like any other online site, not all online casinos are as good as each other, so knowing which ones are the most secure is a definite boon when choosing where to play. Online casino sites like which have stood the test of time go that extra mile to provide a gaming environment that is both safe and secure.

  • High-end online casinos are registered and regulated by either a well respected Gaming Commission/and/or a well respected Gaming Authority. These regulating bodies protect players by setting a high standard that the online casino has to follow or face a fine (at the very least)
  • All the very best online casinos use the most up-to-date encryption software which protects players banking details, keeping their private details confidential. Some online casinos also offer the ‘pay by phone bill’ option which allows their players to charge their games to either their monthly phone bill or have the cost deducted from their ‘pay as you go’ balance. This method of banking means that players do not have to give any banking details to the site in order to make a deposit. At the time of writing players are only allowed to make deposits worth 30 into their personal accounts which might not suit some players.
  • As mentioned earlier, ‘standing the test of time’ in the online gambling industry is testament in itself that the site has proven itself to its players. Listening to what is wanted and consistently delivering on those wants promotes loyalty, so remember to make sure that the site you are thinking of playing at is one that is already trusted. Of course, there are a lot of great new online sites appearing on our pages – making sure that they are fully licensed and independently audited as well as making sure that they are using only the latest software should mean that these new sites could be good to go if you are looking for somewhere different to play.

As with any other online website, a little research goes a long way to making sure that the online casino you choose (like FruityKing) is going to offer you a fully immersive experience in a trusted environment and you never know – It might just be your lucky day.

Story by Sally Jones

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