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How to stay connected to your friend and family on your gap year

e-commerceWhen you are on your gap year, you will see new places, have new experiences, and meet so many new friends along the way. This is true whether you are travelling with a friend or travelling solo. Regardless of how many friends you make, however, it is natural to feel homesick on your travels. A year is a long time (or however long your trip is), and during that time you can fall out of touch with your friends and family if you aren’t careful. That is why you should follow these tips to help you stay connected to your loved ones on your gap year:

Sharing Your Journey

Your loved ones, of course, would love to see your journey and know what you are doing. There are several ways that you can keep them up to date. You can message them, email them, or share your adventures on social media. Another way you can share your journey, however, is to start a travel blog that documents your adventures. Opt for this option, and you will be able to not only share your adventures with your friends and family, but you will also document your travels for yourself. Memory is frail, the more effort you put into documenting your journeys, the better.

Put Extra Effort in for Every Big Occasion You Miss

Missing your best friend’s birthday isn’t fun, but if you are away on another continent, it can be unavoidable. Just because you aren’t there in person, however, doesn’t mean that you cannot make an effort. You can make your own cards, send presents on the big day, flowers, and organise with others who do live near her to help make every occasion special. Do this, and your friends and family will feel appreciated and thought of, which is key when you aren’t there to celebrate in person.

Don’t Only Talk About Yourself

When you are off on an amazing adventure, it can be tempting to go on and on about all the cool things you’ve seen and done. This conversation, however, can quickly turn one-sided. That is why it is important always to remind yourself to talk about what is going on in their lives as well or even about topical interests like your favorite show.


When in doubt, calling is always the best way to stay in touch. The more you get into the habit of calling your loved ones, the better. It will probably be awkward, to begin with, yes, but the more you do it, the more natural it will feel. You will be able to talk more organically and share real laughs with your friends and family. So, whenever you have strong enough Wi-Fi and an hour to spare, send a call home.

Staying in touch with your friends and family back home can make your gap year so much better because you aren’t losing out on the connections that make home, home.

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