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How to spend more quality time with your kids

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There’s no way to fully appreciate the monumental responsibility of being a parent until you become one.

This is especially true when you consider what it takes to thrive as an adult and having a child goes on top of that. You still have to work, eat, exercise, sleep, and fulfill a range of other obligations to keep yourself in a position where you can take care of others. You probably needn’t be told that it’s important to spend time with your kids.

You already know and want that. The real question is how. A good start is to recognize that it’s the quality of the time that matters, not the quantity. Meaningful and memorable moments are the way forward. With this in mind, here are some pointers on how you can spend more quality time with your kids.

Make a Plan

Setting up a schedule can ensure that you have enough hours dedicated each week where nothing else will get in the way. The planning and anticipation of activities are just as much fun. Remember to let your child take the reins and give them some freedom to decide how the time will be spent. Of course, making suggestions is also a good idea.

Avoid Gadgets

The odd movie or gaming session isn’t necessarily harmful, but it should be done in moderation. This is largely due to the fact that these activities draw the participants’ attention towards the screen and away from each other. There are plenty of other things that you can do instead, many of which are more beneficial for your child’s development.

Head Outside

In light of the above point, one of the better ways to spend time with your kids is by going outside. This keeps both parties fit and healthy while serving as valuable bonding experiences. Your child might enjoy something a little less high-energy, such as a nature walk or a day in the swimming pool.

With kids, it helps to ask about which sport they would enjoy playing. There are plenty of budget-friendly options. With baseball, for instance, all you need to get started is some basic equipment. This website has some of the best youth baseball bats as well as balls, gloves, and other gear.

Create Routines

A clever way to sneak in some quality time is by setting up daily routines, during breakfast and bedtime, for example. Simply sneaking in around ten minutes of one-on-one time twice per day will go a long way in helping you maintain a strong connection with your little one. It can be as simple as cooking breakfast together or reading a bedtime story.

Phantom Time

Phantom time refers to the time you dedicate to your kids when you’re not with them. There are many creative solutions here. If you leave for work before they wake up, for instance, then you can leave them a note in their lunch box or record a short video telling them that you love them and to enjoy their day. Every effort counts.

Organize Projects

When you do have a few hours to spare, such as on weekends, then you can organize projects together. This can include setting up a tent or building something outside. Perhaps you can play a board game or tackle a puzzle together. Maybe you can bake a cake or make a pizza. Chances are that your little one will have plenty of suggestions here.

As a bonus tip, you can turn travel time with your kids into quality time as well. Some places are best reached with a leisurely walk instead of driving.