How to spend free time with benefit during the pandemic?

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Get fitter

No time for sport? That excuse no longer counts. And not being able to go out either. First, jogging, for example, is perfectly fine as long as you are not exercising in a group. And secondly, you can also train at home, without any equipment. Bodyweight exercises can really make you sweat.

Make your home prettier

You don’t need to go to any shop in the world for a beautiful spring decoration. Remnants of wool and empty jam jars are probably still lying around at home. And everything else can be found on a walk in the forest. According to virologists, this is not only allowed, but also strengthens the immune system. And when you come back with a few blooming branches, you can make pretty spring wreaths and fancy flower vases.

Focus on your beauty

Time at home also means: time for beauty care. As long as they don’t go out, you can basically walk around with masks or creams on your face all day. And if you haven’t bought them, you can just make them yourself. To do this, all you have to do is to take small amounts of coffee, oil, curd, honey, sugar and avocado from the supplies.

Learn new sports

You might be a big fan of basketball or football and sometimes you place bets on them. Therefore, you can learn new fields of sports and increase your chances to win. There are many more dynamic sports than football like cricket. You can watch and bet on live cricket fixtures on your device. It is all about your interest.

Growing potatoes – that is also possible on the balcony

Potatoes also grow in space-saving pots on the balcony or terrace. The harvest is only enough for a few meals. But potato cultivation is a small experiment, especially for families with children.

Bake bread yourself

Anyone who wants to bake bread needs patience and time, because dough maintenance takes hours and days. No longer a problem if we have to stay in our own four walls anyway. And don’t worry: you don’t have to be a professional baker.

Preserve fruits and vegetables

The grocery stores remain open according to previous plans, but taking precautions can’t hurt. When the freezer and refrigerator are full, it’s time to boil, preserve or ferment. This is how you make fruit and vegetables last a long time. And the whole thing also takes a lot of time.

Cooking pasta every day

Well, noodles stashed? Sure, they last forever. But since they now also block the pantry, they must be used up. And because spaghetti with tomato sauce is pretty boring every day, we recommend trying different recipes so that the pasta still tastes good on day five.

Polish the silver

Let’s be honest: water stains on cutlery and jewelry usually stay there too. But now there is enough time to polish. Incidentally, this also applies to other metals. And special cleaners don’t have to be either: vinegar and baking powder are tried and tested home remedies.

Knotting and 3D embroidery

Corona creates a lot of free time for a new hobby. Handicraft is ideal for home employment. And whoever opts for macramé or punch needling instead of classic embroidery is actually quite trendy instead of old-fashioned.

Find true love

Not going out can feel lonely. But dates in restaurants and bars are of course excluded. But flirting is still possible – online. Simply install Tinder again or register with a dating site and off you go. From the sofa, without any risk of infection. But be careful: make sure that you are actually chatting with real people and not with a bot

Practice making music – for the neighbors

The Italians showed us how to do it. If you are not allowed to meet either, you can make music from balcony to balcony. So, dig out the old songbook, tune the guitar and start singing. By the way, this is not only fun, it is also good for your health. And we’re also getting smarter.

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