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How to shop for an online vet in 2021

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The last year has shaped how we do a lot of our day-to-day tasks. While it has made some things easier, others have become more complicated as we introduce alien technology or ways of communicating. It can even make things downright frustrating as we pick up our lives after the shutdown and find that so much has changed.

One reasonably practical change has been that more services are becoming available remotely. This ranges from medical care to many of our jobs. The search for an online vet is undoubtedly new territory for many, but it is becoming one of the best ways to find fast answers. Here are some tips to consider as we begin our search for accessible online veterinarians to help us take the best possible care of our pets.

Ways to communicate

There are many ways to communicate using our handheld devices, and some of them may work better for you as an individual better than others.

  • Live Chat – Rather than just talking on the phone. Many online vets offer an instant, live one-on-one chat service. These can be very helpful when saying things out loud may be emotionally challenging or asking questions you don’t want little ears to hear about and become upset. This is also helpful for people with disabilities or other difficulties in communicating verbally.
  • Voice Chat – if your question is basic, a simple over-the-phone call can be a huge boon. A call can allow you to express concerns you might have trouble describing or even let a vet listen to an unusual sound your pet may be making.
  • Video Chat – Being able to hold a live one-on-one chat with an online practitioner can let them see things through your phone’s camera. This is helpful if you want to show a spot or unusual gait, or it can allow them to guide you through a process and ensure you can do something correctly.

Ideally, an online vet should be able to offer all of these services to communicate and provide an appropriate suggestion on what to do next. Do keep in mind, sometimes video calls may be the recommended route of communication as they may be able to see things we cannot accurately describe or we may miss minor details they would look for – so always be ready to turn the camera on for your pet if the problem is physical or visible.

Fees and other potential costs

The time of professionals is never really free – nor should it be. The efforts of their work and the time they spend obtaining their education are nothing to scoff at. Plus, many of them must often pay their staff for their facility, supplies or even still pay off their student loans.

Still, we want to make sure we are getting our money’s worth for our receiving services.

Flat Rate – Some online vets offer a solid flat-rate cost. This may extend for the entire duration of the call with no limitations on time. This allows you to make sure that you have a reasonable amount of time to discuss ideas and concerns without worry about running out of time or missing essential details.

Incremental Rates – Another charging method is a “by the minute” rate. While some may offer them by minute, or increments such as ten or fifteen minutes, you can find specific answers concisely.


Seeing others’ experiences in your situation is a great way to ensure that you are making the right choice in choosing an online vet. Checking the Google and iTunes store ratings and comments about the service’s app will allow you to see what people want to say about it.

Finding an online vet with online services doesn’t have to be complicated. Just like our technology is expanding, so too is our ability to research it through search engines, and people eagerly share their reviews with the world. Compare these to the above topics to find one that fits your own unique needs – and your pets will thank you.

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