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How to shoot free throws like the biggest stars in basketball

Free throws can be tricky to master. The name makes it sound deceptively simple, but even professional basketball players tend to fail when it comes to making perfect free throws. NBA players find it easier to practice other methods of shooting than free throwing. However, this skill comes into play during the final stages of a league.  While you can get to bet on basketball, knowing how to lay the game is something we are sure you would love too. If you are looking to bet, you can always learn more about betfair here.

Perfect free throws require players to block out all distractions. They need to have free throw routines which they can follow before every free throw to get the desired results.

Research has found that the following factors can influence how a free throw turns out:

  • Backspin
  • Launch height
  • Velocity, angle
  • Left-right deviation

Players who have a problem with free throws usually face a combination of these issues.

What should you do?

At first, you need to learn how to handle free throws. Once you have got the basics down, it is time to improve upon them so that your gameplay can resemble the greatest basketball players of all time.

Free throw shooting requires you to do the same thing over and over again. You do not have to think on your feet and take major decisions. You are allowed to play the same shot and follow the same routine. Among NBA players, we consider the ones that shoot more than 80% to be good free throw shooters, but you should be able to achieve that too. Usually, the number falls below 70% in college leagues, but you should have the determination to improve. Be open to making adjustments in your form and routine.

Free throwing is a unique skill in the sense that every player has his or her own style to do it. However, there are some common elements.

Position yourself with reference to the dot:

If you look closely, you will find a dot in the center of the foul line on the court. You should determine your position based on the position of this dot. Some players prefer to cover the dot with their shooting foot while others like to surround the dot. You can make your own choice about that, but remember to repeat the same position every time.

Find your routine:

All players have unique free shooting routines they like to follow. This is important so that you do not have to think a lot when you are standing at the free throw line. During the game, players are usually very active but when they find themselves alone at the free throw line, they find it difficult to make the sudden adjustment. This is where your routine will save you because you already know what you have to do. It will provide you with comfort and give birth to a trigger mechanism so that you can carry out the free throw seamlessly.

Do not be overcome by emotions:

Standing at the free throw line can lay great pressure on your mind. You know that everyone is looking at you with certain expectations. However, the key is to clear your mind of all thoughts. Tons and tons of practice will end up making your actions almost automatic. The muscle memory along with the psychomotor pathways will retain what you are supposed to do in the situation.

Play hard!

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