How to sell purses, handbags online?

Over the past several year, there has been an increasing demand in the market for purses and handbags. It is estimated to grow even further in the next decade. With the expanding market, it is an opportune moment for businesses and investors to enter into this handbag sector.

Jumping into the arena that already had many established brands, may seem like an uphill task. However, the diversity and sheer size of this market, still leaves ample space for small brands to get started, and establish themselves in their micro-niche.

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Bag and purse industry have tons of space for expansion, ranging from cheap selling products, to designer and luxury categories. You can craft your own brand popularity like the Fior di Loto. They have grown in popularity with commitment to offer quality and durable leather products.  Fior Di Loto is a wholesale leather bags made in Italy.

How To Sell Purses And Handbags Online

Start Brand Building

Define your brand personality. You get multiple options to choose from, ranging from casual handbags to luxury style brands. Find an interesting niche, so that you always stay focused and passionate about your brand values. Set up social media accounts and build organic followers.

If you are a cosmopolitan fashionista or a haute couture designer, then you will need to gain popularity among the prospects on the luxurious market side. If you want to sell sporty type of products, then your focus should be to reach out to the practical, casual, and less expensive side of the alley.

The products itself will help you identify your audience, and your social marketing strategy should be aimed at reaching out to those niche audiences.

Promote On Social Media

As mentioned above, define your target audience first. The next step is to start planning strategies to attract those targets. As you are start-up, the budgets will be limited. The most suitable platform to promote your brand is social media.

Instagram and Pinterest are visual platforms that work great for displaying handbags and purses. Even while using these platforms, you must be aware of where the right kind of people hang around. Instagram is a platform, where generally younger audiences visit, and Pinterest has most members, who are close to middle age groups. The latter is the best place to sell high-end luxury purses.

Explore hashtags and profiles relevant to your target audience. It does not mean that you have to blindly copy or follow other purse and handbag brands. Your plan is to find out which influencers, celebrities, and brands, your target audiences are currently following.

Besides, you will need to provide interesting content to grab follower attentions. Regular content creation and publishing is necessary, but remember that quality of your contents is more crucial than quantity. You can also comment and like on audience posts to build engagements. It will get you more brand exposure. Over a period of time, you will be able to build a strong follower-base.

Using lifestyle shots promote purses and handbags. Take photos of people carrying your products. As your brand develops, you can also consider posting photos of real customers using your handbags and purses. It helps you build brand recognition via word-of-mouth, even followers feel involved, as the brand represents them.

Influencer accounts on Instagram will have huge numbers of established audiences. They are great for cross-promotion, as they already have established a good credibility and followership. You can also hire these influencers for brand promotion. Their rates will depend on their popularity. You can hire small niche influencers for low costs, as long as they are effective.

Make it easy for your targets to purchase products, right from their own social media account. The tags get linked to your online e-shop from Instagram galleries. Customers can even purchase directly from Pinterest, if you set a Shopify store.

Drop Shipping Business Model

Drop shipping business model can also work out great, because it does not involve storing and shipping. Drop-shipping companies will deliver ordered product directly. When customers place order, with product and shipping info, those details are sent to the drop shipper, who in turn delivers it to your customers’ door-step.

You will have to pay for products only after they are sold, so capital is not needed. The buying price will be lower than what you sell them for. Thus, profit margin also is good.


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