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How to select the best marketing automation tool if you are a B2B marketer

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The market place is filled with plenty of tools, technology and ever evolving trends that can help you reach your consumers, engage them and close a sale – all at the touch of a button and without having to employ a large sales and marketing force within your limited budgetary restraints. Marketing automation is one of the foremost tools that you can use when you want to grow your business. But how do you know which marketing automation software or tool is the best one if you are a B2B marketer – or a Business to Business marketer?

Let us first understand how a B2B setup would be slightly different from a B2C or a business to consumer setup. To begin with, the B2B setup would operate in a whole other market at different price points with different kind of positioning. Here, the point is to sell to as many vendors as possible so that they can further process them or use them as raw materials for their own goods, or even up sell with their own branding. This is the primary and main difference between B2B selling and B2C selling. Hence, it is imperative for the marketing and positioning as well as the segmentation efforts to also be different.

Luckily, this is also where marketing automation fits in perfectly. A marketing automation software is one that will help you reach out to your ideal audience with all the right insights and metrics in place. This will help you gain visibility in the exact market place that you are looking to target, since targeted campaigns is what marketing automation and email marketing automation can do best. This is imperative since it will help you speak the exact language of the niche so that you reach the exact buyers who will then place their order and start a long relationship with you.

Before we actually take you through the steps that will help you select the best marketing automation software for your B2B needs, let us understand what marketing automation really does. To begin with, you can use marketing automation to line up the tasks that will help in segmentation and positioning. What does this mean? Well, this essentially means that you will be able to derive the metrics that cater to the exact market and consumer type that you are looking at. In keeping with these metrics and your needs as well as the needs of your consumer type, you can then create a framework that will engage them and show them how you can help them further their own business. This is what we call positioning in the market place.

Now, there are a combination of tools and elements that can help you position yourself and turn various kinds of engagement into conversions. But before we talk about conversions, let us talk about engagement and what it means for the B2B business setup. With a marketing automation software you can actually do all this with ease and accuracy since you can make a presence on all the social media and online platforms, with all the right metrics in place so that your authority in your niche may be required. This would include campaigns spread out over social media, professional social media pages, as well as niche platforms and email marketing automation as well.

Further, with marketing automation, you can gain productivity and cut your marketing spend by a wide margin thanks to the automated tasks that get done with a small team in place. This is of great helps also when it comes to attaining a higher rate of conversion. Let us now look at the ways in which you can select the best marketing automation software or tool for your B2B business:

  1. Complete Knowledge of Your Business: Before selecting the right marketing automation software or platform, you would need to have complete knowledge about your business. This would include knowing where your ideal customer is at and what language he or she understands. In order to do this, in a B2B marketplace, you would have to have complete knowledge of the jargon and you would need to set the metrics accordingly. Unless you know your business and the climate in the marketplace you are specifically targeting, you would not be able to choose the right marketing automation tool.
  2. Calculate your Leads: How many contacts do you already have and how many do you hope to generate and cultivate towards conversions in a given period like a quarter or even a year? This is a very important question that you would need to answer since the answer will decide what kind of plan and what kind of platform you can entrust with your marketing automation This should also be chosen in keeping with future projections.
  3. What kind of Campaigns are you Planning: You should know what kind of campaigns you would be planning including social media, professional and business pages as well as email marketing automation, so that you are able to seamlessly arrive at a decision regarding which platform would be the best for you. You should also get a fair idea of the metrics and the number of people you want to reach so that you can accordingly build the correct framework for your marketing software to follow. This framework should be roughly worked out in your mind when you start looking for a marketing automation software.
  4. Know Your Customers: Now comes one of the most important things. In order to sell to your customers, you must know them in and out for which you would need to do plenty of research before you choose the marketing automation software that would give you the best results. This research should be based on the trends within your industry and what kind of engagement works best for your ideal customers or the businesses that you want to sell to. In this regard, you would be able to understand the conversion rate that you are looking at, as well.

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