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How to safely return to the office amidst COVID-19

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Coming back to work with COVID-19 risks still around requires that businesses follow safety requirements closely and carefully. In this article, we discuss how to safely return to the office and remain safe during these trying times.

Be clear on protocols

Ensure that everyone returning to work is aware of the safety guidelines to produce a safe work environment for everyone. Require face masks, social distancing, frequent hand washing, and the discouragement of sharing food and beverages in the breakroom. These safety measures are in the best interest of everyone involved with the company. Be clear on what you expect from your workers so that everyone can be on the same page and stay safe.

Hire a professional cleaning crew

Be sure that you hire a regular cleaning crew to professionally clean and sanitize the office so that workers feel safe returning to work. You’ll want to look for a cleaning service that has excellent reviews so that you can feel confident in knowing that your office will be as risk-free as it can be amidst the pandemic. We recommend hiring a top cleaning crew to disinfect the office effectively.

Facility services management

Enlist your business’s facility services management to ensure that safety guidelines and safety planning are appropriate for the business as workers make the transition from remote to in-house work. Managers will be able to review the business’s services and how operations are run to ensure that the work environment is up to par in terms of safety and organizational needs. There are many different departments in facility management, but for COVID-19, you’ll want to include cleaning, operational, and space management as your central management assistance.

Encourage remote work

Some workers will have become accustomed to the work-from-home lifestyle and may even perform better under this framework. If you have noticed an increase in employee performance after switching to remote work, leave some of these options available for workers best suited for this work environment. It will also help increase safety within the workplace, given that fewer people will be at the office at one time.

Adjust to changes

Being as flexible as you can to these safety changes will make all the difference in your workplace’s productivity and general workplace environment. Staying positive and welcoming safety changes will do everyone good and allow the business to continue thriving as it would if things returned to normal. Staying safe is still the number one priority for everyone, so remaining as flexible and accommodating as possible to these changes will allow your company to adjust and adapt to the changes required during these difficult times.

No one wants to wear face masks or wash their hands so often, but these are the bare minimum requirements you’ll need to get comfortable with if you intend on returning to work in the office. Be open to these changes and find reward in the return to what is a new kind of normal.

Story by Brad Bernanke