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How to rock athleisure wear this year

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Athleisure has been all the rage for the past few years. It’s comfy, and it’s cute, and more importantly, you don’t have to wear jeans. However, wearing athleisure clothing isn’t the same as just throwing on a pair of leggings and an oversized shirt and heading out the door.

Athleisure is a styling of athletic wear to make them look more dressed up and not as lounge-y. Don’t get us wrong, we love the lounge look just as much, but athleisure focuses on bringing fashionable together with comfortable.

Dress for the occasion

Athleisure definitely isn’t for every occasion. You wouldn’t want to show up to someone’s wedding in sweatpants, that’s for sure. Think about the place you’re going to and match your vibe to it. For example, good areas to wear athleisure include:

  • A coffee shop
  • The library
  • Shopping
  • Out for lunch
  • Hanging out with friends
  • And more

If you’re going out on a date or hitting the club, it might be time to leave the athleisure wear at home (although with the proper styling in mind, you could make a club look happen). For a dressier look, you’ll want to incorporate more accessories into the style and vice versa if you’re looking to play more into the loungewear look.

Pick the right shoes

A well-put-together athleisure outfit hinges on the shoes. Sneakers are the best option here, but please don’t wear the sneakers you wear to the gym. Your gym shoes are probably old and beaten up. You should opt for a cute, clean pair of shoes like Adidas All-Stars, Vans, Filas, or Converse.

To dress up the look more, add a cozy boot or a pair of thigh highs. They’ll take your outfit to the next level, especially when paired with a cute pair of socks that poke out over the top.

Dress it up with a jacket

Adding a denim jacket to your look is a great way to pull your outfit together. A denim jacket takes a look from “I just left the gym” to actual athleisure wear. There are many different denim jacket options from cropped to extra-long, both of which look great when paired with yoga pants.

For a grungy look, go with a dark and distressed jean jacket and a pair of thigh-high boots. The best thing about athleisure is that you can adapt it to your style, mixing your athletic wear with the clothes you have in your everyday wardrobe.

Wear it oversized

Wearing an oversized jacket or sweatshirt can make for an adorable look. Make sure you don’t size up too much because you don’t want to look like you’re swimming in your clothes. Just add another size, so the garment is just a bit too big. Oversized items are also super comfortable, adding to the overall comfort of an already relaxed look.

An oversized bomber jacket, sweatshirt, or jean jacket is a great way to amp up your style. As gym clothes are usually pretty tight, adding in an oversized piece is a great way to switch things up.

Don’t forget to accessorize

Most importantly, don’t forget to add some accessories. They’re the key to pulling your entire look together. Accessory options include:

  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Watches
  • Bracelets
  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Sunglasses

Make sure that your outfit remains cohesive. Stay in the same color family and pick things out that you know you look good together. Over-accessorizing an athleisure look may make it look too clunky or cluttered.

If you’re looking to get into an athleisure style, it’s easy to get started. Athleisure can easily be achieved with the items you already own, so there’s nothing holding you back.

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