How to reduce video file size by over 90 percent without losing quality

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As the technology is constantly developing, people are eager for better video quality. However, some commonly seen problems have arisen.

Why it takes so long to upload to social media sites? Why videos take up the storage space fully in a short period of time? Why large-sized videos cannot be sent by emails? The answer is: video size is too large and it has to be reduced.

Don’t worry. After trying bunches of video compressors and finally we’ve got the best solution: WinX Video Converter. And below I will share the details of the solution to you. Let’s check it now.

Why we need to reduce video size

Considering the aim of sharing video to social media sites like Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, large video size will either make the uploading process too long or even there will be errors. Moreover, different media sites and even email put limitations on the maximum size of videos uploaded. For example, users cannot upload videos that are bigger than 512MB. Therefore, even if you do not care about the lengthy wait while uploading, the video, at the first place, should be within proper size.

Additionally, limited storage space is also a problem. Not only the videos shot by people themselves need to be saved, but also films or clips they download from websites. But, without compressing them to smaller sizes, the device quickly run out of its memory that’s already limited.

WinX Video Converter: A powerful video reducer you need

WinX Video Converter is the optimal video reducer that can make video size 90% smaller or even more. It reaches the balance between video quality, size and processing speed. Check out its main features below.

  • It reduces video size without quality loss visually. The advanced compression kernel and codecs produces 90% smaller video.
  • Using WinX Video Converter, your video reducing process will be 47X faster than the real time, thanks for its level-3 hardware acceleration. It can decode, process and encode even 4K or other high frame video at fast speed.
  • It has hundreds of input and output formats. Almost any format will be processes like HEVC, MP4, MKV, M2TS, etc.
  • What it’s capable of is not only compressing and converting videos. It’s possible for users to edit videos including cropping, trimming or adding subtitles, and it offers the function of downloading videos from websites.

How to shrink video file size by over 90% without quality loss

Download WinX Video Converter and follow these steps to make video size smaller.

  • Step 1, install WinX Video Converter and launch it. Click “add video” to load the video you want to compress or convert or just easily drag the video file to its interface.
  • Step 2, choose an output format from the “output profile”. For the aim of video file size reduction, you can choose a format with a codec of higher compression rate/efficiency. For example, video processed via H.264 is bigger in size than H.265 does.
  • Step 3, adjust the parameters, cut the redundant part of the video or crop the image if the video is still a little bit bigger for you. Click “Edit” to get started.
  • Step 4, click “RUN” to compress the video.


After making a video, uploading, sharing or storing it is an inevitable step. But in the same way, while we are pursuing better picture quality, it is also unavoidable that video files will become larger. At this moment, WinX Video Converter will become a good helper for us to process videos. Its powerful functions can greatly reduce the size of video files to meet our different needs. Reducing video size by over 90% can be achieved. Even better, it reaches the balance between quality, size and speed.

Story by Tess Wong

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