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How to recover deleted music files from an Android device on Windows and iOs

Recover deleted music files

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Despite the fact that now there are many online music streaming services, millions of people still prefer to download songs so that they can listen to them offline and not depend on the speed of their Internet connection. There are also various tracks that are sometimes difficult to find even on the World Wide Web, so the rationality of the offline access is increasing significantly.

However, we often face the situation when users lose important files. This happens for various reasons: system crash, the mistake made by users themselves. However, now it has become much easier to find a way out of this difficult situation. There are several programs that have long proved their efficiency in practice and able to help you recover lost music files.

Special features of the recovery process

The first thing to do is to check if the file has been left in the recycle bin. Very often, various music files aren’t deleted immediately but are put there. In this case, it’s enough to select the necessary file, click on it and select “Recover”. However, it’s rarely possible to recover deleted music files using this method, since almost everyone knows that the first thing to do is to check the bin. If you clean it regularly, then there is almost no chance to find the necessary music file there.

There are other ways to recover lost music on Windows. For example, the practice shows the rationality of using the Disk Drill utility. With its help, it will be possible to recover files that were deleted using the “Shift + Delete” command. In this case, the space they occupy on the hard drive is marked as unused.

Thanks to the specially developed algorithms, it will be really easy to restore music files using the Disk Drill. An additional advantage is the ability of the program to work not only with MP3 files, as the most common format, but also a dozen others: M4A, WMA, ALAC, AIFF, AAC, MIDI. This is not a complete list of the available formats, which significantly expands the capabilities of ordinary users.

Thanks to the Disk Drill you will learn how to recover deleted music. So, a user will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Download the program on your gadget. It is available for free.
  2. Run the Disk Drill and click the “Recover” button for the drive where the songs were stored.
  3. Select the required tracks from the list of results, mark them, click “Recover”, select a new data storage folder.

An important advantage of the utility is the fact that thanks to it, it is possible to easily recover deleted songs on iPhone. It is enough to download the free program, run it and confirm that you trust the supplier.

After that, the system will analyze the necessary information and will present only relevant results. You will just need to click on the required file to complete its recovery.

As you see, the steps to recover deleted music from smartphone are quite easy, and an excellent result will surely please even the most demanding users.


The loss of favourite music tracks is what each of us has certainly faced at least once in our lives. It is always very disappointing, and we want to get access to our favourite hits back as quickly as possible. Now, it will become much easier, because the deleted Music from an Android or other operating systems c isk Drill is proven by practice. Thanks to this utility you can easily recover up to 500 MB of data that equals several dozens tracks. Moreover, this innovative development is suitable even for Windows.

To protect songs and other files from unexpected deletion, you can also turn on the backup feature, which will help you save important information. Thus, saving your favourite songs today is easy. It’s enough to use modern solutions that will surely delight the users and ensure that your favourite songs always stay with you and you can listen to them regardless of the speed of the Internet connection.


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