How to quit smoking with the use of vaping?


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Quitting smoking isn’t easy to do, at least it didn’t used to be. Today it’s easier than ever, and one of the most successful ways that numerous people have quit smoking is using vapors, e-juices, e-cigarettes, and even more utensils to vape with.

Why are they doing this? Well, patches fall off constantly, and it’s less addictive than quitting using things like lozenges, gum, or even cold turkey. You can even help curb cravings easier and successfully cut down your nicotine levels 1mg at a time if need be, which is something you just can’t do when using other products. In this guide, we’ll teach you a little on how to quit smoking with the use of vaping.

All About the Pen

If you’re just wanting to vape to quit smoking and not continue use of vaping, you may want to actually not even invest in an “ohm box”, which is a form of vaping that produces extremely thick vapors. A vapor pen from a vape store can even help you be completely successful, but you’ll want to use a higher mg dosage of nicotine with the smaller pens compared to the vapor boxes.

The Juice

When first starting out, many users choose a common thing that they enjoy, like tobacco flavor, coffee, or literally anything else. While it may taste good though, the best advice that we can give is that you choose something that won’t remind you of a cigarette. Not only that, choose a dosage that is rather high on the list. Each cigarette delivers about 21mg of nicotine. And don’t expect to quit smoking right off the bat. You may want to start at 21, then each week cut down your nicotine about 3mg.

You’ll usually stay at a medium strength like 14mg for about a month or so, then cut down to about 10mg or 8mg. Use the 8mg strength (8mg of nicotine that is), then when it’s time to cut down, drop to either 5mg or 3mg. From there it’s almost smooth sailing and after a couple weeks you can drop to 0mg vapor to still get the “effect of smoking”, or even just quit vaping altogether. Some users to this day still vape at 0mg because they like the flavor.

Conclusion: The Key Thing to Know When it Comes to Vaping for Quitting

The common mistake that most people have is that they try to rush things. They cut down too fast, or they are constantly tempted. You still have to have a support system somewhat in place, and not only that, be prepared to take your time. Also, many users have it in their heads that if they smoke a cigarette, then they just need to drop the e-cigarette as they’re not ready. Forget that mentality and leave it in the garbage, and try another day without beating yourself up. There are also many people who aren’t depending on cigarettes that have stopped vaping after they cut down enough. You can easily be one of them to if you have patience.

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