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How to publicize your business reopening post-pandemic

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Before a few months ago, there were a few main reasons a business might be publicizing and marketing a reopening. For example, maybe your business underwent a commercial renovation, and perhaps you upgraded your space aesthetically or for functionality. Maybe you did both.

A grand reopening was a way for your customers to see the work that went into your business renovation of your commercial space.

Now, one of the big reasons businesses are looking at the idea of publicizing a grand reopening might be a little different.

Many businesses need to publicize their reopening as states loosen restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic.

That can be a bit trickier to manage than reopening following a renovation or a revamp of your business. There are a lot of elements to consider and integrate into your reopening plans that a few months ago, you probably didn’t have to think about.

The following are some things to keep in mind when it comes to publicizing a business reopening during coronavirus.

Show That You Care and Understand

Even in states that are loosening lockdown restrictions, there is a hesitance on the part of employees, customers, and members of the community. Most states haven’t been very hard hit by the coronavirus to this point, but that doesn’t alleviate the fear.

It’s important when businesses are marketing the reopening of their businesses that they do take into consideration the fear and anxiety people feel.

If your market materials and press releases seem to gloss over what’s happening, it may make your business look callous and uncaring, and that’s the last thing you want right now.

It’s very important to most consumers that you do integrate the gravity of the situation into your marketing for your reopening.

Use Your Marketing Campaign to Show How You’re Going to be Doing Things Differently

There’s a phrase we hear quite a bit right now, which is a “new normal.”

There is the idea that following the effects of this modern pandemic, we’re going to change how we do things, at least in the immediate future.

Whether these changes stick in the long-term is yet to be seen, but as a business marketing a reopening, outline how you’re going to be doing things differently in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Be very clear and specific in your marketing, and if you’re changing your business model, philosophy or approach, let your customers and news outlets know what you mean when you say this.

Most businesses, even if they aren’t required by the government, are taking small, phased steps toward reopening. This is a good idea not just from a public health and safety standpoint, but from a marketing and public relations standpoint too.

Let your customers know the steps you’re taking, why you’re taking them, and what your expected timeline looks like.

This can provide a sense of clarity and certainty in a time where there’s not much of either to go around.

If you’re making a big change in your products, services, or models to reflect the current environment, make this the forefront of your marketing campaigns.

Additionally, if you’re following certain phases, create a marketing plan that similarly follows these phases, so you’re ready for each. Each will have its own unique set of considerations that should be reflected in your marketing and public relations campaigns.

Consider Legal Ramifications

In both your actual planning for reopening your business as well as your marketing, you want to think about any possible legal concerns and ensure those are addressed.

For example, are you going to be taking temperatures, and if so, how will you convey that to employees and customers alike, and are you within your legal rights to do so?

How will you enforce social distancing, and what are your expectations for employees as well as customers?

Maintain Clear, Consistent Communication

The best thing you can do right now, as your business is likely facing significant challenges with both staying closed and the potential for reopening, is maintain consistent communication with the public, your customers, and your employees.

If you navigate this situation well, it could actually end up giving your business a big boost in the coming months and years. The public and your current customers want to see that you’re a responsible, socially conscious business so as you’re moving forward keep this in mind.

Use this as an opportunity to rebuild your businesses’ public image if you need to and try to find the positives in what can feel like a sea of negatives.

As businesses work toward reopening, they can keep the above in mind to come out stronger from the crisis.

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