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How to play vinyl records

vinyl records
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Welcome to 2020—the decade that promises to be the most digitally-driven decade to date.

For music lovers, listening to music has become a digital experience for many. There is the Bluetooth AirPods that connect to your iPhone, the endless Spotify playlists, the viral TikTok beats that everyone tries to dance to, and music being created on digital platforms.

But in this digital boom, a more traditional way of listening to music has made a strong comeback—and it is not just appealing to the old folks!

Popular recording artists of this decade insistent on releasing music on vinyl records in addition to iTunes or Spotify.

There is something magical about listening to music on a vinyl record player. It just sounds better.

Equally, music lovers of all ages can easily spend their days browsing through collections of some of the greatest albums ever produced at vinyl stores. Buying a vinyl record is not just about listening to music. It is also about preserving a piece of history captured on a record—available for anyone to re-live who has a record player.

But, chances are, many of us did not grow up with a vinyl record player in our house. So you’ve got our vinyl records— now what?

Not to fear! We will take you through these six easy steps of how to play your vinyl records.

  1. Invest in a vinyl record player

Also known as turntables, vinyl record players are the gateway to enjoying the music your soul craves. You can purchase vinyl record players online either for brand new or second hand. Or, plenty of vinyl stores will also likely sell these—which is great because you can test it out in person first before purchasing.

  1. Dust it all off

Chances are, your vinyl record—while new to you—has probably been sitting around for a while. They’ve only recently made their comeback! Make sure to remove the dust cover from the record player—which is used to ensure the player remains dust-free to ensure that nothing is turned on yet and that the needle is lifted up.

  1. Place the record vinyl on the player

Once you are sure nothing on the record player risks damaging the vinyl, gently place it on the designated round area. To have the music start playing, you will first need to place the needle on the center groove near the vinyl record’s hole.

  1. Get the music playing

Now that your vinyl record is properly set up, it is time to listen to that music your soul has been craving! Some record players will be automatic, where you simply have to turn on the switch. Others require a bit more of an operational process.

  1. Select your songs

One of the coolest parts about a vinyl record is that the different grooves play different songs on the album. So you can jump around or repeat your music however you like, simply by moving the needle on the record player!

  1. Sit back and enjoy

Enjoy your vinyl record experience by now sitting back and soaking up these sonic tunes that only a vinyl record can produce. Part of the magic is the journey of making the vinyl record actually play.

Vinyl records are classic treasures in the music industry that we hope will be cherished for years to come. While digital music provides a convenient listening experience, a vinyl record creates a timeless listening experience that really does help soothe the soul.

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