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How to move your IT office infrastructure?

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Moving your IT office is not limited to moving the furniture items, employees, and other things only but it makes you move the complete network configuration and the entire IT infrastructure. This makes the moving process difficult and complex to another level. So, you should not take the task of relocating into your hands. Hire IT specialists & one of the best interstate moving companies to perform the job. Of course, it contains the most important and valuable data of your office therefore, no office affords to lose it. If you are looking for the right guide this is the right guide for you. Check out this:

Planning is the key

Start the planning process as soon as you decide to move to another location. Planning is the key to move successfully without losing a single bit of data. As you know it is the foundation of your business so, you need to be extra careful about this and should have strategic planning to complete the job. Start the process of planning under the supervision of IT professionals. Hire them so that they can collect all the information regarding the IT infrastructure at the right time and can make the right plan to move the entire configuration and infrastructure.

Make inventory of equipment

If you are done with the planning then it is time to check the physical hardware, connections, peripherals already present at your current office and then get to know the requirements of the equipment of the new office. As the infrastructure of the new location is different therefore the IT cabling, connections, hardware needs will also be different. If there is need for the expansion of the current equipment then consider that also in your plan. It is also a good time for the upgrades of the equipment.

Analyze the needed communication tools

When you are analyzing the network cables, at the same time, it is important to pay attention to the phone lines, types of cabling, a power outlet, and so on. You should also consider the fact that whether you need to upgrade the current communication system or just need to move the existing one. Before the moving date and installments, it is essential to decide the right location of cabling and outlets at the workstations.

Prepare your site visit list

A throughout site visit is important when you want to have a successful move. Make sure the IT professionals you have hired should present there during the site visit so that you can have the right strategy for the move. In this site visit, you have to pay attention to the configuration plan of the new office. Make an inventory of all the ideal locations for power jacks, workstations, and so on. Also, decide the location for the devices such as printers, scanners, and so on. You should make a plan for this site visit along with the IT professionals.

Network and data security

For any IT business, security is really very essential. Usually, security is an element that has been neglected during the moving process but this is one of the biggest mistakes that many businesses commit and regret later. Therefore, make sure you took the required steps that help to secure and protect your data from any kind of intruders.

You should have a proper plan in your hands before you move your data to keep your data secure during the transition. You should involve IT professionals and other telecom providers in this process. Also, check the existing security policy of the company, and if there is a need then update the existing one. Moving is just the perfect time for upgradation.

Get prepared for the moving day

Moving day is one of the most important days for any moving process. Transporting the IT office technology is not an easy task, it required proper planning and organization. The day requires special handling, expertise, and transit protection. It is time to get the help of IT professionals and service providers so that the entire transit can be done in the right manner.

Additional tips to note

  • You should have multiple contingency plans to cover the delays and security failure or any damage to equipment during the transition.
  • Test all the equipment, tools, and systems before and after the move with care. If there is any issue then try to fix it immediately so that it does not become a big problem later.
  • Back up the entire systems and data on the private and public cloud so that you don’t face any problem and any changes could be made globally if required. This also stops the threat of losing the data.

Bottom line

So, if you have decided to move finally then you don’t have to worry. Though yes, the task is complex but this guide with these amazing tips will make it easier and smoother.

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