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How to maximize your casino bonuses and win more

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Who doesn’t like a bag full of free spins, a pot full of freerolls, and a stash of free cash? Maybe the rest of the world doesn’t, but we, in the casino world, cannot do without these things. We look out for them before agreeing to sign up with casino sites. And if there’s any site that doesn’t offer as much free gifts as we desire to find, we have no problem brushing them aside and shopping for new ones.

Such is the extent to which casino gamblers fancy free gifts and casino bonuses.

Sadly, the same cannot be said of how we use these bonuses. If anything, the bonuses end up going back to the place they’ve come from – the house.

But this has got to stop.

Casino bonuses should be our own leverage against the house, and not to be tossed back like a coin to the house. If you agree with me on that, say YAY!

But, in order to maximize these opportunities, we’ve got to change our approach towards casino bonuses. And here’s how.

Types of casino bonuses

Before we go into the discussion of how we can maximize the bonus offers we get on casino sites, it is important to first highlight the different types of bonuses that are there. If anything, at least for the benefits of those that are new to the casino world.

Match Bonus: This bonus gives you an extra percentage once you make your first deposit on a casino site

No deposit bonus: With this offer, a player is given a bonus without making any deposit at all

Reload Bonus: This bonus is similar to the match bonus, except that it is meant only for existing customers. Usually, it is lower than match bonuses too.

Loyalty bonus: This includes bonuses such as freerolls, free spins, or free play, depending on the type of casino in question. They are usually given to players based on their gameplay and betting history.

Cashback: this bonus offer gives you a percentage of your losses when you lose bets by either returning the money into your account or offering you a chance to replay with the same stake.

How to maximize casino bonuses

Now to the business of the day, here’s how you can maximize any bonus given to you by your casino site

Check the bonus percentage and the conditions attached before making your first deposit

For a casino bonus, like a match bonus, which hinges on your first deposit, it is important for you to first check what the bonus percentage is, as well as the maximum amount of deposit.

The reason why this is important is because the amount of money you have available to you at the beginning of your casino journey can go a long way to determine how much risks you’re willing and able to take on.

Once you check the maximum amount of deposit and the bonus percentage on the site, you can now decide what the optimal first deposit amount is.


Let’s say that the maximum amount of first deposit is $100, and a casino site like w88 is offering a match bonus of 200%. If you deposit $50 without first checking what the maximum deposit and bonus percentage are, you will be given a total of $50 + $100 = $150. But if you had checked the bonus percentage and maximum deposit allowable. You could have deposited $100, thereby getting a total of $300 with your first deposit. Not that you’ll be able to withdraw the money instantly, but at least a bigger bankroll can help with your overall betting chance.

Check the terms and conditions regarding how you can wager the bonus money

One of the biggest mistakes many casino players make when signing up with a casino site is the act of not reviewing the terms and conditions attached to the site’s bonuses. Usually, all casinos have a set percentage of the bonus money you must wager before it becomes withdrawable. But this criterion varies from one casino to another. For instance, on some casino sites, you must have wagered up to 100x the bonus amount before you can cash it out. But on some friendlier sites, you only need to wager up to 30x or 40x before cashing out your bonus money.

Now, if you forgot to check the terms & conditions attached with the bonuses on a given site, there’s no way you would know the number of times you need to wager bonus money before it becomes real money. But if you’re always checking the terms & conditions before signing up, you’ll know right from the get-go whether or not to sign up with a given site.

By the way, please bear in mind that the lower the wagering requirement, the better it is for you.

Check how much the game contributes to the wagering requirements

While some games like slots contribute up to 100% to the wagering requirements, games like blackjack, poker, and Omaha contribute a lot less and even worse, games like roulette contributes 0% to the bonus wagering requirements.

What this means is that you could be wagering your bonus money forever and still not be making any progress without you knowing it. Usually, you’ll find the game contribution percentages in the bonus terms & conditions. If you cannot find them, please take your hard-earned money and find another casino.

Try not to play too smart with bonuses

Yes, casinos are glad to offer you bonuses. But don’t let that get into your head that you forget that they’re also in the business to make money. They hate it when players abuse bonuses. And in order to ensure that no player tries to do this, they would often impose a maximum stake limit on bonus money, which means that there is a maximum amount of stake you can play with any bonus money given to you.

But even at this, some players still try to outsmart the house by going ahead to stake more than the maximum stake while playing with bonus money.

Please don’t ever do this. Because when you get caught by the casino, you’d be viewed as an “advantage player” and the casino might decide to void both your bonus money and winnings.

Stick with low to medium variance slots

If you’re a slot casino player and you want to build your bankroll with bonus money, always choose low or medium variance slots. You may not win a lot, but you’ll probably make the playthrough before your balance is zeroed out. Examples of slot games like these include Black Widow and Starburst.

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