How to manage your parking systems with vehicle identification technology

businessIf there’s one thing you know when you manage a large parking system, it’s that security is key. With hundreds of cars entering and exiting your parking lot each day, you need a reliable way to keep track of your users in order to keep them safe. Not only that, by keeping records of usage, you can implement new strategies in parking management that will help you to improve traffic for your users.

Here’s our guide to the best identification technologies for parking management.

Use RFID tracking

The easiest and probably the cheapest solution to parking management and identification is to use a custom RFID card. These cards are insanely cheap and easy to make, and the only real costs you’ll see are acquiring and installing the card readers. Each card can be coded to the particular user, and you can even have the card automatically debit their parking charge when they scan it on entrance or exit. This is super convenient for the user, too, as they can then manage their payment options online.

Automatically record number plates

For a completely hands free parking management system, you can install an automatic number plate identification system. Known as an automatic number plate recognition device, or ANPR, these machines are essentially cameras that will record number plates as the car passes them. These systems can be easily integrated in a central recording system that can record details such as usage, length of stay and can assist into account management for users. All in all, this technology delivers convenience and control into your parking system.

Use an app

Everything is going digital these days, and your parking system doesn’t have to fall behind. You may not have ever considered taking your parking system management into the world of smartphone apps, but there’s no reason why you can’t. Most people have smartphones these days, and by installing a simple app you can have your identification and parking management taken care of simply and efficiently. There are many apps available online, or you can have one specific purpose built for you. Either way, the end result is a system that is easy to use for you and also for your users.

Give your users key fobs

Another, more traditional method of parking system management and vehicle identification is to use key fobs. The reason why this option is presented last is because, while the technology is old and very standardized, it can be clumsy and expensive and has a lot of potential for loss. Key fobs are usually programmed specifically for a user, and if they go missing, then they can cost the user a lot of money to replace. Not only that, but the fob reader can also cost a lot of money.

There are several options when it comes to vehicle identification and the management of your parking system. While some options seem to be able to stand the test of time, other technologies are newer and offer a higher level of convenience for you and your users. By implementing vehicle and user identification systems in your parking lots, you are ensuring the safety of your users while streamlining your management processes.

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