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How to make online shopping more enjoyable

online shopping
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In these troubled times, when we don’t really want to leave the house more often than absolutely necessary, online shopping is more crucial than ever. It has been a steady part of our day-to-day lives for more than a decade now, and you can get virtually anything off the web with safe and quick delivery. Anything from a sack of potatoes to a car cover. Not only the range but also the sheer volume of online shopping has gone up drastically during the pandemic.

But as we all know, online shopping does not always go as smooth as we would like, so we put together some ideas on how to make the whole experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

  1. Make sure your connection is good 

We all dread that horrible moment, when you have the cart ready, you proceed to checkout after an hour and a half of carefully choosing your items, and then the 4G bars go down and you have to reload the page for 15 more minutes, possibly losing the cart content. Sounds familiar? Thankfully, technology allows us to fix even faulty connection with a cell phone signal booster. It’s a radical solution, no doubt, and the fact is you might not even need such a drastic measure. But it’s nice to know that if and when you need to enhance your mobile signal, there is a mobile phone signal booster out there in the world waiting for you!

  1. Always read product descriptions carefully 

If we all know this rule, why do we ignore it so often? Now be honest, have you ever bought a product that turned out to be way smaller/bigger than you thought? I know I have. Don’t forget to read the descriptions and it’s always better to ask the manufacturer a question than find out the details the hard way. And you might want to dip into the reviews too. Sure, there are loads of nonsense reviews, but every now and then you might find just the info you were looking for, and some additional pics too.

  1. Buy from trusted websites

As much as you might want to buy that cute top from Korea or headphones from Hong Kong (but they were 65% off!), consider the website first. Even with a small purchase, read some reviews of the website before you make a purchase decision. There are hundreds of websites all over the world that are out to get your money, so to speak, so be careful.

  1. Pace yourself

In the conditions of lockdown and a global pandemic, mass anxiety and fear, people often seek gratification in products they don’t really need. In other words, yes, you have the urge to eat more than your body needs and shop more than your wallet can handle. So as much as you should stop yourself from getting that last piece of cake at 3 a.m. (yes, I know how good it is), you should also pace yourself when it comes to shopping. Getting new toys for the kids will keep them occupied only for a few hours tops. Instead, get some craft supplies that will last them a lot longer. And believe me, you don’t need that 4th set of headphones or that 5th screwdriver.  Carefully assess your shopping cart, and if at the end of the month you feel like you deserve a price for not killing everyone you live with, splurge on something you will actually enjoy.

  1. Set a budget

This works for any situation, whether you are out shopping, or you are doing it online. It’s always a good idea to know exactly how much you spend on groceries, and how much money is actually free-floating. That’s why it’s extremely helpful to make a shopping list before you go online to order anything. Regardless of whether you are shopping for clothes or for food, make a list and stick to it. Also, try to shop as seldom as possible. Now, naturally, some groceries can’t be preserved for longer than a week. The point is that every time you go shopping, you will have the urge to pick more items than you really need. So, eliminate the temptation and shop once a weak or less.


Following this advice will hopefully make your shopping less stressful and more productive.  Naturally, the most important thing in these stressful times is our mental and physical health. So be mindful of your loved ones, take good care of yourself, and don’t forget to shop responsibly!

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