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How to make a video to sell your home

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Real estate video marketing is the key to connecting emotionally with the buyer.

Everyone knows the great importance of images when selling a property. If the homes for sale do not have large and high-resolution photographs, prospective buyers quickly discard the house or apartment. But even with excellent pictures, video is the solution for emotionally connecting with the buyer. In the age of new technologies, audio-visual images through digital media and the Internet are what sells.

Video marketing strategies are becoming more effective. Surprise your viewers with an element of your home by including it in your ad, and as professionals agree, buyers appreciate it. Video is like a great cover letter that highlights the property at its best. “It is important that the video is of a certain quality and above all shows the house attractively,” advises Charlotte Ferrier, CEO of The Shoot Collective, a video production service agency, and specialist in creativity and digital strategy. “You have to put out a video that attracts attention and generates emotion,” says Ferrier.

What to include?

Some of the most elegant examples of property promotion videos are audio-visual guided tours of the house. You can create a guided tour with a camera in hand or make slow and soft sweeps with a tripod of each room, well decorated and illuminated, accompanied by pleasant music. It would be best if you also filmed the common and outdoor areas. It is advisable to include images of the house’s surroundings, such as schools, leisure areas, transport, parks, etc. All relevant details and information should be summarized in a time frame of around 3 minutes, as more could bore a viewer. You can further lengthen the clip if the production is more professional with subtitles and a voiceover.

The profile of the buyer to which you are targetting matters when choosing the style of the production. If selling internationally, in each case, a different language should be used. Above all, the video should highlight the characteristics of the apartment that are most important to the target audience,”, says Ms. Ferrier. “For example, a young client may be more interested that the apartment is in a leisure area with plenty of cafes and a good social scene, but a family profile cares more that there are parks and green areas in the vicinity,” she adds.

Original videos

Ferrier advises moving away from the typical video-gallery of photos and applying a little more creativity. Using the latter, we will not differentiate ourselves from most homes for sale with audio-visual presentations.

One imaginative homeowner from Cadiz in Spain had his home on the market for two years without takers. He came up with the idea of creating a video clip singing about the positive qualities of the home and published it on his YouTube channel. The media picked up on it, and the house was soon sold. Another example of great originality is the ads of Joel Carson, an American real estate agent, who has made many different videos about different houses.

He pretends he is entering as if he were a thief in a house in one of his clips. While on his way through the house, he describes each of the rooms. In another, he gets to dress up as Willy Wonka, inviting buyers to “discover” the home. But there are many more ideas. Put your imagination to the test. Also, do not rule out hiring the services of a professional.

How to distribute your video

Once we have the completed footage, it is also essential to upload it to the best platforms to gain visibility. The most famous free video channels are the most suitable, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. “YouTube is the king”, says Charlotte Ferrier, “it has more than 1 billion unique viewers per month and it is the 2nd video search engine in the world, and Google, its owner, is No 1. That is why Google will often place your videos in search results in the top places, giving them precedence.”

Apart from posting it to the most visited real estate portals on the network, you should also consider social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, where thousands of viral videos are exchanged with the possibility of reaching millions of viewers.