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How to look for various load cells

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A load cell is a transducer which creates an electric signal and its magnitude is directly proportional to the force that is measured. There are so many types of cells that you can target in this process. We are going to discuss some of them in this article. It is good to have this knowledge before going for load cells.

Types of Load Cells


These cells are made from stainless steel that gives them the ability of withstanding harsh environments. The option is most appropriate when using them in railway and truck scales. Specialists also recommend compression cells for silo and tank weighing. We also have people in the oil and gas industry who use compression load cells. The beauty of these cells is that they are highly effective in this industry. Compression cells come in various cable lengths and all you need to do is select an appropriate length for your use.

Single Point:

Single point load cellsare specially designed for the highest accuracy applications. You can either use them for industrial and retail applications. The other applications are medical devices, packaging machinery, and board weighing systems.

There are so many types of load cells that you can choose from. For instance, we have load cells that are specially designed for harsh environments. This category is highly sealed and manufactured from stainless steel materials. In most cases, the load cells are sealed using the metal or glass sealing technology.

You will also get cells that are specially designed for environments that are less severe. These cells are designed from aluminum and most have a unique coating with humidity resistant.

You will discover that various types of single point load cells have different connectors, cable lengths, and hazardous approval levels. You also have to choose the one that will be a perfect match for your needs.


These are also popular load cells that you can find in the market. Tension load cells are specially utilized in taking general measurements, weighing, and lifting. Most tension load cells use sealing compounds that are highly durable. To make sure that you are using exceedingly durable compounds, these cells are designed with a laser welded sealing. Tension load cells serve their purpose quite well. You can be sure that they will not let you down as long as you make the right choice.

Planar Beam:

According to the manufacturer, planar bean load cells are appropriate for individuals who produce an equipment with the least overall weight. Planar beam load cells are most appropriate when using them in medical retail, and the other weighting applications.

The application has a high level of application in the industry. When you purchase them, you will come across various load cells with different cable lengths. Some of them come with connectors while the others don’t have the connectors. Choose the one that you feel is most ideal for you.


There are different types of load cells in the market and you need to buy the one that will meet your needs well. As you have noted, different load cells are appropriate for various applications. You need to know where to apply the load cells to make the right purchase decision.

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