How to light up your house on Christmas

The ultimate holiday season of the year is all set to begin in a few days. With the Christmas right around the corner even the most non-artsy kind of people get hit by the decoration fever who does not love those Hollywoodish scenes of beautifully lit cozy houses with ornate Christmas trees, beautiful floral wreaths on the entrance doors all set right across a driveway covered by a white sheet of snow. For many neighborhoods, it is that time of the year when people compete who has the best-decorated house in the neighborhood? How about decorating a house this Christmas that looks straight out of a fairy tale.

Decorating your house is fun, easy and incredibly therapeutic since it not only channelizes all your energy positively during the process and indulges you into something constructive on during your holiday, it also lets you cherish the beauty that you achieve as a result. When decorating the house, remember that the key role will be played by the lighting alone. The snow is beyond our control and the decorations such as the Xmas tree, and the wreaths can be bought off the market. However, it is how you play around with the lighting will dictate how beautiful your house looks. Here are a few tips on how you can make the best use of lights as part of your Christmas decoration.

Plan Your Decoration

It is a bad idea to start putting on your lights randomly without having a plan. If you want your house to have any aesthetic appeal, plan your design and then install the lighting accordingly. Choose a focal point where you want the visual attention, which is most likely to be your main entrance. This is where your lighting will be concentrated and gradually spread it out to other areas of the house in a consistent pattern. Your Christmas tree should be placed near your focal point.

Your lighting will border your driveway and walkway to the main entrance door and will concentrate around the door. Rest it will border your windows and the roofline along with other main edges of the building. Places lights in an abstract pattern on the bushes and plants wrap a few strands around the trees. Make sure that you use the same color of lights in a given area, and ideal the whole house rather than randomly mixing the colors.

Take Measurements

Once you have decides all the places where your lights will be installed, use a measuring tape to measure how many strands of lights you will be needing. If you plan to use different lighting for different areas, write down a measurement breakup for each type of light. It is advised to buy a few extra strands to avoid any last minute mishaps such as damages.

Additional Accessories

While installing lights on shingles is super easy, most people are clueless about how to hang Christmas lights on a metal roof. Make your life easy by buying some adhesive or magnetic hooks to take care of the problem. If you cannot find the appropriate hooks, even duct tape would do a fantastic job in securely holding the lights against the roofing.


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