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How to keep roaches out of dog food

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When you have taken the time to find your furry friend the best food, you want to ensure proper storage to maintain its quality throughout. But, if you have a pest problem in your house, this can be a challenge. Head over to for more information on taking care of your pooch.

Keeping your dog food away from roaches specifically requires implementing some strategies to cut their access to your dog’s food. Again, you want to avoid contamination which could result in serious health issues.

Below are ways you can keep roaches out of your dog food.

Proper storage

Where and how you store your dog food directly affects, the access roaches have to your dog food. Some people store dog food in garages or n a random floor area, allowing roaches to access the food easily.

The best approach is to find a convenient yet safe cabinet where you can store your dog’s food. You can spare one of your kitchen cabinets or shelves for your dog’s food and treats. That way, it will be easy to monitor any pest infestation and control it promptly.

Keep the food covered

Most dog foods come in secure bags with a Ziploc feature or in sealable containers. If you choose to keep the food in its original package, ensure you keep the seal on at all times. This will keep the roaches out of the food while preventing contamination from other elements.

Consider getting a favorable container with a tight seal for the dog food if possible. Remember, roaches can eat into the package and still access the food; therefore, a more permanent solution would be to get a high-quality, indestructible container for your dog food.

Clean spills

It is expected that you could spill a few kibbles of your dog food during mealtimes. While you may assume that and leave it to clean water, you could be allowing roaches to access your dog’s food, especially if you leave the spills near the food package.

Clean out leftover food from bowls

Your furry friend might have had enough to eat and left a few kibbles on the bowl. You may be inclined to leave the food overnight for your dog to eat the next day. But, this could be inviting roaches to your house, ultimately accessing your dog’s food.

Clean your dog’s bowls every day and keep any leftovers safely. You can keep an extra container to store your dog’s leftovers to top up the next day. Ensure your dog’s feeding area is clean and out of any food particles that attract roaches.

Keep the feeding bowls elevated

Keeping your dog’s food bowls on the floor gives roaches easier access than when the bowls are elevated. Get a food bowl stand and keep the bowls off the floor. You can improvise using a wood plank to raise the bowls off the floor.

Roaches can be annoying to control, and the last thing you want is to have your dog bump on a roach in his food. These tips can help keep roaches out of dog food, keeping it wholesome and safe for your dog to eat.

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