How to increase sales if you own a small fishing business

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Fishing remains one of the most popular sports and ways to spend time outdoors, counting for annual profits of over one billion dollars. Sadly, most of these profits go into the pockets of large companies, giving little room for small business owners to thrive.

And, given that the giant online seller Amazon provides an almost unbeatable selection of tools and accessories fishing-related, it comes as no surprise that keeping your business alive is a struggle. If you’re looking for some easy tips to help you increase sales and gain new customers, here is what you should do.

Use social media tools

We live in the 21st century, the best time to gain Internet fame by doing almost everything and nothing. So why not make use of the great social media tools that come for free to boost your popularity and gain new clients?

Setting up a Facebook or Instagram account is free, so you should mainly focus on these platforms to start a fan base. You can pay for sponsored ads or go the old-fashion way that requires uploading constant and relevant content for your fans. Ask your friends, relatives, and even other local businesses to like & share your content so that it can be seen by others.

However, creating exciting content is a business itself so you may want to hire a person to handle your social media activity and increase your popularity. Don’t forget to also tell others how important it is for them to support local-based and family-owned businesses for the local economy.

Think about diversifying your offer

Lures, baits, and hooks won’t pay the rent and your employees’ salaries, so why not adopt another selling strategy? Instead of focusing on a small variety of products, try expanding your offer and provide full fishing services to your clients.

You can start by selling fishing gear as well, and that includes waders, hats, jackets, waterproof fishing shoes, tool boxes, and everything else you could think of. By increasing your offer you help your clients pick up everything they need for their next fishing trip in one place, without having to go to different stores or order from online vendors too.

If you don’t have something on stock, offer to bring it

Sometimes, your clients may come to the store asking for products that you never stocked or sold before. Instead of simply telling them no, you could try another business approach.

Offer to help them out by searching the product yourself and rushing your client into placing a firm order. This will help your client gain precious time while you would be handling the searching, price offers, and delivering the product yourself. For your efforts, you can cash in an additional 10-20% of the initial price of the item or even more, depending on your skills of comparing various offers and finding the lowest price online and offline.

At the end of the day, your clients will be happy for being helped and can even come back, placing new orders.

Open an online shop

Why stick to local customers when you can expand your sales to the entire world? Starting an online shop won’t cost you too much but will help you gain potential new clients from everywhere around the globe. Use the previous business technique to increase your client base by promising to stock products that you don’t have already.

You can use your social media platforms to advertise the launching of your brand new shop and offer discounts and special bonuses for clients on a regular basis. Encourage them to spend more to get free national shipping.

Hosting sales on special occasions like Christmas, Easter or the 4th of July is another way to boost your profits.

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