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How to increase office internet speed

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It’s always frustrating to run into internet problems when you are trying to work. Whether it be a slow connection, weak Wi-Fi signal, or just overall instability, this guide has solutions that may be able to help you fix the problem that is slowing your connection down.

1. Switch to cables

There are a lot of things that can be done in order to boost your company’s wireless internet speeds. And indeed, this guide even has some ideas to help you do that. But for key computers — the ones that deal with large amounts of data or that need stability to handle sensitive operations — it’s generally safer to use an internet cable.

Cables too may develop problems, so you should keep the Wi-Fi at hand as a back-up plan. But when they are working, cables usually offer greater speed and stability than your Wi-Fi. Especially if you haven’t invested in a good modem or a signal booster.

2. Invest in a good modem

It’s easy to forget how important modems are. As the middle man between your computer and the internet at large, the modem is the biggest potential chokepoint in your network. It may limit internet speeds and cause instability in the entire network if it’s overloaded.

On top of that, modems need to be compatible with the specifications of your internet service providers, as some modems may not work well with certain systems. Call your internet provider and ask them what modem they would suggest for a company that’s looking to upgrade its hardware.

3. Relocate your modem

Wi-Fi signals can be slowed down or disrupted by obstacles in its path. Meaning that if you put your modem or router inside a locked closet, you’re not going to get the best signal possible. Instead, seek to place the modem somewhere central, preferably in an elevated area. Stuck to the ceiling above the target computers is generally a good location, as that reduces the signal’s travel time and ensures there won’t be many obstacles between the modem and the receivers.

4. Get a signal booster

Another way to make sure your Wi-Fi is great everywhere in the office is to invest in a signal booster. This can be a brute force approach — a sufficiently strong signal booster can make sure your internet has a good connection even in the building next door. However, you should be careful about signal boosters that are too strong, as they may disrupt other wireless devices in your office and on nearby buildings, effectively working as jammers.

5. Update the modem’s firmware

Your router/modem isn’t just hardware. It comes packed with software that helps the device handle traffic and perform other functions. That software needs to be updated regularly, and that doesn’t always happen automatically.

Luckily, the update process is not hard. The exact steps vary depending on the maker, but it usually only involves accessing the modem’s settings via any computer in the network. You can look up tutorials on how to do this with your particular modem, or get a professional involved to do a full checkup of the network and update everything. You should also consider switching to an enterprise SD-WAN solution for more stability.

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