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How to improve your hair health

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Think back to the last time you tried purchasing a new hair care product to add to your daily routine.  If you are used to the conventional shopping method, you probably walked into your favorite grocery store and spent several minutes looking over the hundreds of options from shampoos to conditioners to hair masks and other products.  There are products that promise to clean, to restore, to brighten, to soften, to heal, and to protect.  No doubt the selection was overwhelming and really did nothing to boost your confidence in whether or not any of the expensive products on the shelf in front of you would accomplish anything.  Dozens of brands all competing for the same exact market space and promising similar if not identical results does not do much to actually convince you to buy a product.

Science That Actually Works

So instead of making a decision that involves another guesstimate for what might be good for your hair, make a new choice and try something completely revolutionary. Products actually based in years of scientific research and formulas will actually create lasting impacts.  Enter k18 hair pep, the specially designed hair care product that will have a lasting impact on improving your hair health.  This product is the result of the efforts of a biotechnologist who worked for years to formulate a product that will not only provide immediate results in strengthening your hair and improving its health overall, but will also have a lasting effect on its strength, durability, shine, and bounce over time.

The science behind hair care that actually works is simple: find the protein responsible for diffusing and creating keratin, then harness its power to create a formula that actually renews damaged cuticles and keratin within your hair to repair the hair to its original elasticity and strength.

If you have ever had your hair bleached, colored, or heat treated either at home or by a professional, you will notice that your hair cuticles have become damaged, which leaves your hair more porous and susceptible to breakage and frizz.  However, with peptide treatment, your hair is physically restored to its earlier health.

Why It Works

Hair treatment is usually physically damaging to your hair.  Not only do bleaching and heat treatment alter the keratin strength, they just put your hair through wear and tear that it would not experience in your daily routine.  Hair keratin breaks down over time which results in a weaker and more brittle strand of hair.  But, with peptide, the more damaged your hair is, the more dramatic your results will be because the peptide bonds actually have more to attach to and the healing will be even more visible.

In four minutes of work, peptide treatments can have a huge impact on both the external visual beauty of your hair and its internal, molecular health.  Peptide locks hair’s natural amino acids together as they were before your treatment, allowing hair growth to be regenerated.  Your hair is literally strengthened from the inside out.

Flexibility of Peptide Products

Peptide products are offered in two settings: at home application and professional salon application.  The professional salon application is reserved for immediately after a new hair treatment is completed, such as a bleaching, coloring, or heat or chemical treatment.  Peptide is then applied to your hair, immediately restoring and regenerating the fibers of your hair, binding the amino acids to the protein and creating new keratin growth on top of your new look!

The at home application is more of a mask which repairs damage after the fact.  If you have newly colored or chemically treated hair that was not treated at the salon during or immediately after an appointment, your hair is still damaged and will gradually lose bounce and will become frizzy, losing definition and volume.  The peptide at home mask actually allows you to reverse that process on your own without having to rely on a follow-up visit to a salon or hair care professional.  You can actually improve your hair health from the comfort of your own home!

In Summary

So next time you decide to search for a new hair care product, incorporate peptide treatment into your hair health routine.  Not only will you give your hair its best shot at looking beautiful, you are actually also strengthening it at a molecular level and allowing it to grow faster, shinier, and bouncier than ever before.  Don’t sacrifice the look you want to have healthier hair; instead, combine your ideal look and color with the regenerative nature of peptide products to finalize an amazing, healthy look that you can feel good about.  Your hair will absolutely thank you because at the end of the day, the healthier your hair is, the better it will look and feel.

Story by Jacob Maslow

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