How to identify if you are playing a fake gaming app


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Gaming apps are becoming increasingly popular, with people looking for ways to play their favourite casino titles or place sports bets while they are on the go. Generally, people are becoming busier and because of that, we look for convenience. Gaming apps give that convenience, something that has seen a huge rise in their use recently. However, popularity also brings opportunities for people to take advantage of gamers, and this comes in the shape of fake gaming apps. These are on both the Android Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and for your own safety it is vitally important you steer clear of these next times you are downloading a gaming app.

Why are Gaming Apps so Popular?

According to, all gambling websites they have listed offer a way for their players to place bets on the go. For many bookmakers, this is in the form of an app that is downloaded to your mobile device. These apps are available on both Android and Apple devices and many people will search for them through the app store to find what they are looking for.

The apps offer great convenience for players, allowing them to take their gambling with them instead of being tied to a laptop or computer. The only things you need are an app on your phone and a mobile internet connection on that device and you are able to place bets and play casino games when you wish. Many players struggle for time at home, either due to a lack of time or family commitments, so they opt to play on the go instead, usually while they are on the commute to work or with friends. They can only do this thanks to an app, so those wanting to do it have no choice but to download one.

This site lists the best mobile gaming apps and most importantly, these are all safe apps for you to use. This means you can concentrate on enjoying the gaming type you choose, without worrying about your safety, whether the app is legitimate or if your money is safe. These are all basic necessities when you are gaming through an app, you must find these if you want to enjoy your time and remain safe.

How to Identify a Fake Gaming App?

If you are heading to your app store in the hope of downloading a mobile gaming app you can use on the go then here are some things to look out for that will help you differentiate between legitimate gaming apps and fake ones.

Check Out the Developer

This is the first thing you should look at before downloading an app. This is who made the app, and if you are downloading one from a bookmaker for sports betting then the developer will usually be the bookmaker’s name.

Each developer has to have a profile for their titles, and you can view this if you click on them. Do this, and look out for details about the betting site on offer, if this is vague or doesn’t mention the sportsbook or casino you are looking for then that should ring alarm bells with you.

Carefully Read the App Permissions

When you click on an app to download, you will be presented with a list of permissions for that app. Many people simply click accept on these and download the app without looking at them, but this is the biggest mistake you can make. By clicking accept you are allowing the app access to all the information they want, if this is a fake app then they are going to have access to things like your call records, emails, phone book and much more.

Whatever the type of app, the permissions should be things you would expect. For example, a camera app would want access to your photos while something like Skype would want access to your call logs. If a bookmaker app or casino app asks for access to your SMS messages for example, this is a sign to stay away from that app.

Read as Many Reviews as You Can

Fake apps often pay to have fake reviews on the app store, so you may see plenty of four- or five-star ratings for fake apps. However, there will be a few legitimate reviews in between those and these are the ones to take note of. If you see any reviews saying that the app is a fake or dangerous app then you should take note, even if this is surrounded by great reviews as these could be fake.


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