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How to host a successful company picnic this summer

company picnicA company picnic can be a great way to bring all your co-workers together in one place, so every member of staff can get to know one another on a personal level and have a little fun. If you want to ensure you plan the perfect event for your staff, here are some helpful tips on how to host a successful company picnic this summer.

Find the Perfect Venue

It’s important to think about how many employees will be in attendance before you select a venue, as well as your goals for the day. The last thing you will want is for staff to feel trapped in one location, which is why you should search for a large, open space that’s filled with activities and entertainment.

Set Goals for the Event

While your primary goal might be to bring your team together to have fun, you must also identify what else your business wants to get out of the event. For instance, if you want to increase teamwork, you should feature various team building activities, such as a scavenger hunt or a game of volleyball or soccer.

Reinforce Your Branding

Prove to your employees that you have spent time and money into providing them with a fantastic event, which will make them feel proud to work for the company. To do so, reinforce your branding across the event to promote your image and professionalism. For example, customized plastic cups will not only provide your team with a place to store their beverages, but they can establish confidence in the business – and reusable stadium cups can make great mementos for your team.

Maintain Professionalism at the Event

While your employees might be out the office, it does not mean they are not at work. While it is acceptable to serve alcohol, you must encourage every member of staff to drink in moderation. Inebriated employees who act unprofessionally not only risk their self-respect at work, but the could also risk the company’s image and reputation. It might, therefore, be easier to provide each employee with only two free drink tickets and request they pay for any extra alcoholic beverages they consume.

Provide Comfortable Transportation

If the venue is far away from the office and you are providing alcohol, you should provide comfortable transportation for your staff. This will ensure no member of staff will be left out of pocket to attend the event, and it will ensure you are a responsible employer if providing wine, beers, or spirits to staff.

Create an Event Hashtag

Most employees will be active on social media, and their promotion of the event could help increase your brand visibility. You should, therefore, create a hashtag for the event to encourage staff to share their fun photographs from the day, which will also feature any promotional materials in the background to increase brand awareness. By doing so, it can portray your company in a positive light, which can encourage customers to buy your products, clients to hire your services, and talented professional to reach out to learn about job opportunities.

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