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How to grow cannabis at home

grow cannabis at home
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On-demand delivery for those who hold a medical marijuana card is by far the most convenient way to acquire what you need. There are no trips to a dispensary and standing in line, which is why so many people opt for this method. However, some consumers prefer to supplement their supply by growing a few plants at home. They usually do this so they’ll have a small backup supply in an emergency or just to satisfy their do-it-yourself curiosity.

What do you need to grow your own at home? Plus, what are the legal issues for anyone who chooses to do so? Laws vary greatly from state to state, and from nation to nation, so be sure you’re on the right side of the legal system if you choose to start as a very small-scale, independent grower. Remember, even in places where laws prohibit the sale of recreational cannabis, you may still be able to grow your own at home. Here’s how to do it if you’re trying to keep things as simple and inexpensive as possible, especially for first-timers.

Create the Space

Find a cool, dry area in your home or garage. While basements are ideal, attics are not. Plan to grow six plants on your first attempt, which means you’ll need an area about four-by-four feet square and the same height. You can build a plastic encasement or buy a tent-like box if you want. The structure needs to be able to stay upright, so you can simply use hard plastic sheets taped together from old garbage cans. Build your space and allow for cutouts in the bottom and top for fans and wires.

Get the Best Supplies

Order seeds from a trusted online supplier. Be sure to ask about specific germination and harvest times from the seed seller. Most seed packs with come with at least some key information about these time periods. Don’t throw the packs away because this is essential data. Then, you can buy LED lights for your grow box and attach them to the ceiling. Use 5-gallon garden buckets, one for each plant. Cut holes in the bottom for drainage. Be sure to buy enough super-soil at a local garden store to fill the buckets each about one-third of the way.

You’ll also need to purchase a cheap hygrometer/thermometer with a time-memory device on it. Most garden stores sell them. This is so you can keep track of the humidity and temperature in the grow space. Use water that is between 6 and 7 pH. Water the plants carefully because they are quite sensitive to flooding. Then buy three fans, one small exhaust, one small intake and one slightly larger circulation unit to stir the air, but remember to not aim it directly at your plants or they’ll become wind-burned. You’ll also need some inexpensive ducting and maybe a few small hardware pieces for various mounting tasks.

Arrange and Begin

Keep temperatures between 58 and 82 degrees at all times by hooking your fan switches up to the thermostat. Run the lights at the exact same time every day for about 14 hours. In approximately five months you’ll be ready to harvest the buds, dry them for one week and then seal them in glass jars for two weeks to cure them and now our cannabis is ready to consume!

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