How to get rid of drug addiction

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Drug addiction affected roughly 25 billion people around the world in 2015 (World Drug Report 2017). This serious epidemic is destroying our lives, as the number of addicts is growing every year. Whether you are addicted to recreational drugs or have developed a dependency, battling your way out of them need serious dedication. Most people join rehabilitation centers and come off clean, only to relapse later. Ask any drug user and they will tell you it is a long hard road out of hell. However, human willpower is an amazing thing. As they say, what the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. Therefore, before you dwindle into a life of drug-infested depravity, here are some steps you can follow to overcome drug addiction.

Decide To Change

How many times has it happened that you have decided against calling your drug dealer only to give in to temptation later? Sometimes, it can take an important life event that stimulates change. I married my childhood sweetheart when I was 23 and she was 20. It was during that time I started hanging out with folks from the local punk rock scene. I could play guitar a bit, so I joined a band. Every night after rehearsing, we would snort coke and drink like lunatics. Whatever we earned was spent on drugs and booze. My wife gave birth to our daughter and we were struggling to make ends meet due to my wayward lifestyle. The lowest point came when I was arrested on charges of drug possession and put behind bars. With the help of some friends, my wife hired the best Orlando drug lawyer to get me out of jail. It was the moment of reckoning for me – I lived for my wife and my child and trying to become the best husband father to this day.

Quitting drugs cold turkey is like climbing Everest without proper gears. So, start by taking small steps, reduce your intake, stop interacting with people who have a bad influence, and set a goal. I had a goal that I wanted to give my family my best version. So, see what goal can become the catalyst to your change.

The Road To Quitting

Once you have realized that drugs are destroying you, the next and most important step is to seek professional guidance. There are tested medical treatments that will improve your chances of overcoming addiction. When I decided to quit, my therapist used  Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) on me. However, CBT is not for everyone – you and your therapist need to work out what is best for you. Also, take up healthy habits to replace addiction – read a book, exercise, do gardening. Basically, follow your passion. When I was in quitting, my wife got me a beautiful 1957 Les Paul Gold Top electric guitar, which I regularly jam out to this day.

How To Cope With Withdrawal?

The biggest bane in the face of any drug addict or addict for that matter is coping with withdrawal symptoms. With drug use, especially hardcore ones like crystal meth and LSD, the physiological aspects of withdrawal can be agonizing. However, the good news is, if you are steadfast, withdrawal symptoms pass after 10-15 days of quitting. Again, what you should do is consult your doctor about the best way to tackle withdrawal symptoms. It is important that you have your family and loved ones around you in your journey to freedom. Remember, drugs addiction is curable – all you need is support and the right mindset.

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