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How to get divorce papers online: Basic tips

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The divorce process is a serious test that can be emotionally challenging for all parties involved. The events in the spouses’ personal life, which always precede the decision to dissolve the marriage, are often associated with family scandals and psychological tension causing great stress between partners.

More often than not, the only thing that a married couple who decided to divorce wants is to finalize all the necessary legal procedures quickly. Fortunately, today many tools can significantly simplify filing for divorce at some stages of the preparation. One of these options is the preparation of divorce documents online.

This article has collected key recommendations for customer interaction with online divorce preparation services. We also drew attention to the main advantages of processing divorce papers online and the most important reasons to turn your divorce case into an uncontested form.

Online document preparation services are on the client’s side

Online document preparation services are convenient and affordable tools that significantly alleviate the workload and responsibilities as the petitioner or applicant initiates the divorce. But this is only possible if you don’t have any mutual claims with your spouse.

It is a truly progressive solution for overcoming bureaucracy. However, the main reason for the popularity of online services is the consumers’ desire to make the process of filing for divorce more comfortable and inexpensive. At the same time, filing for divorce without an attorney is the key advantage of “do it yourself” divorces.

It is also crucial to understand that the online paperwork service can only guarantee you the high-quality preparation of the documents. All the papers necessary for filing a divorce petition will be guaranteed to be accepted by your court. But the service cannot help you if you and your spouse have disagreements at the initial stage of preparing for a divorce.

Make your case meet the requirements

If you intend to take advantage of an online divorce website package, your to-do list for preparing should start by making sure your case meets the requirements of an uncontested divorce. What does it mean, and what should a divorce case entail to comply with this format? Let’s try to figure it out.

An uncontested divorce is a form of a dissolution of a marriage in which an agreement is concluded between the spouses at the initial stage. Simultaneously, the spouses’ desire to end their family life together is voluntary and mutual on both sides. None of the points of the agreement should cause discrepancies, disagreements, or mutual claims between the parties.

Such an agreement includes the following obligatory clauses: property division, preliminary assessment of joint movable and immovable property acquired in marriage, possible financial spousal support and other forms of mandatory regular payments from one of the partners, child custody, family assets, debts, and consumer loans, mortgages, and other items.

An uncontested case does not require specifying special grounds for divorce to initiate a lawsuit. An uncontested case is considered a no-fault divorce and provides spouses with the opportunity to partner with divorce companies and take advantage of their services. One party of the divorcing couple acts as a petitioner, and the other as a respondent in this process.

How does the divorce papers preparation service work?

Most online divorce documents preparation websites and apps provide a package of services to prepare the documents needed for a divorce petition and subsequent submission to the court. Selecting and filling out the forms is based on the information you provide in a survey. The user is only required to pass the questionnaire and fill in some contact and identifying info.

The service assumes the responsibility for preparing all the divorce papers for acceptance by the local court, meeting all the current requirements. Otherwise, the client will be reimbursed for the paperwork costs. The bill for such services may vary in different states because of filing fees, but the price is always significantly lower than managing a contested divorce case.

The online document preparation service uses the client’s information to select and complete a whole set of court-approved divorce papers. After completing this, the online divorce company will send the user all the correct documentation within two business days. Thus, preparing documents online is much faster than cooperating with lawyers in person.

What else to pay attention to when choosing a service

Online divorce documents preparation services are not available for all cases, only uncontested ones. This means that it is necessary to do some preliminary work to take advantage of web divorce. It is also important to choose a reputable and reliable online divorce service because any error in the paperwork can lead to the necessity to start the whole process again from scratch. It will increase expenses and cost time.

Besides its many other advantages, online divorce services offer to save all ready paperwork and send a copy to the other spouse to sign. After adding the other party’s answer, you’ll have all the divorce documents needed for the court.

The difference in price for an almost identical package of services may vary significantly. It is possible to independently plan the budget for the procedures related to the divorce proceedings, using the cost of the package of services and the amount for filing fees. It also makes sense to take a little time to read the reviews from real customers and users.

It is important to understand that online divorce documents preparation services can significantly help in the very first stages of divorce proceedings, draw up the necessary documents, and explain the actions for further cooperation with the court. But not all web divorce resources will provide clients with legal advice or a ready-made solution for every divorce case.

Story by Awais Ahmed

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