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How to get a prescription dive mask

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Scuba diving is a great activity that everyone should do at least once in their lives. It gives an amazing underwater experience. But the deep blue is not man’s natural environment and you need to see all that’s going on around you while beneath the surface. You need to monitor your gauges and levels and keep a sharp eye on your dive mate.

Unfortunately, most people with poor vision or eyesight disorders are often reluctant about diving. The thing is, your underwater vision will be magnified by about 33 percent. While that may be enough to see the objects around you, if you have an eye disorder, things can be a bit complicated.

Since wearing contact lenses in any kind of water is dangerous and your regular glasses aren’t a feasible solution, your best bet is to use a prescription dive mask. See more to find out the best prescription dive mask for you.

Benefits you can expect from using a prescription dive mask

Prescription diving masks are a fantastic solution for swimmers and deep sea diving enthusiasts. The beauty about them is the specific mask you buy will be a personal choice. This gives you the confidence that it will fit comfortably and serve you as you intend it to.

The prescription mask will also allow you to see well underwater so you can fully enjoy your diving experience.

Another upside to using prescription diving masks is you have two options when buying a prescription dive mask; as either custom or pre-made. A custom-made prescription dive mask will be designed to suit your prescription but the lens will be a bit different as compared to your regular glasses since you’ll be using it to see underwater.

A pre-made diving mask, on the other hand, may not fit your prescription to detail but if you make a wise selection, it can be enough for you to see well while underwater.

What to consider when getting a prescription dive mask

1. Factor in the lens

Your prescription diving mask will have an optical lens with a magnification strength that should allow you to see underwater. If you’re buying a pre-made diving mask, bear in mind that it may not provide as much clarity as the glasses prescribed by your optician.

2. Find the right dioptre strength for you

Perhaps the most involving part of buying a pre-made prescription diving mask is finding one with the right dioptre strength. For this, you need to consider the cylinder, which dictates how much astigmatism you have, and the sphere, which corrects long-sightedness and short sightedness.

3. Check if they’re a comfortable fit

Your diving mask will not only give you clear vision underwater, but it will protect your eyes from irritants and small particles that could further worsen your already weakened eyesight. Make sure that you buy a diving mask with an adjustable strap and that it fits well around your eyes.

The bottom line

A prescription dive mask is very much like your average pair of regular swimming goggles. The only difference is that they come with prescription lenses.

In truth, a prescription dive mask will cost you a bit more as compared to regular diving masks. But the benefits far outweigh the cost. A good place with a variety of options that you can start your shopping from is at See the Sea RX.

A prescription diving mask can prove to be a worthy investment in the long run, especially for frequent divers. Just make sure they’re clean and never physically wipe off water from the lens.

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