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How to get a loan within the UK: Even for part-timers

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As of now, there are a reported 8 million part-timers scrambling to find the utmost highest paying jobs, in hopes of ensuring a better lifestyle ahead of them. Whether you’re one of these individuals or have seemingly no extra capital left at the end of every month, we bring you a complete breakdown after scouring the deepest ends of the internet, on the topic of how can one obtain a loan. Even for those part-timers out there, this will allow you to acquire a better understanding of how loans work & how you can go about getting one!

How do loans work?

First up, comes the ever so complicated question of how they function. Essentially, when you pay back your loan, it will include both your primary amount and interest.

The primary amount refers to how much you’ve borrowed.

Interest mostly comes in the form of an annual percentage rate, known in short as APR. Since this is the form you’ll come across most, as well as the one used in NowLoan, we’ll be using it as an example.

An APR is calculated through the primary amount, interest, and the number of days loaned.

With a quick Google search, you’ll be sure to come across an APR calculator, allowing you to skip the dreaded math. You can then use this to compare different company rates.


Let’s say you’re seeking to loan £1,000 for a year, with an 8% APR; you’ll end up paying a total of about £1,042.00 after the total span of a year.

(An 8% APR is what NowLoan offers)

So, how should one go about acquiring a loan?

The initial step you would want to figure out is how much you require to loan, as well as the needed duration. Further on, choose a company with tremendous amounts of a positive reputation, attain their APR rate, and input it into an APR calculator. Verify that all of these areas are as per required, before filling for a quote.

If you’re experiencing even the slightest of trouble when finding for a company that is trustworthy enough of handling your capital, stay tuned as we advise you further on why you might want to utilise NowLoan.Hurdles

Loaning is a quick process, but not instant. Companies are on the lookout for a candidate that is capable of paying back their loans. Even though companies like NowLoan try their utmost best to fit in all categories of individuals, a minor percentage, unfortunately, fall short, and don’t meet the necessary standards.

So to answer your question, yes! It is indeed possible to get a loan while working as a part-timer. Before you jump on a new tab and filter for the most competent corporation to work with, please note that not all part-timers are permitted to a loan. Varying from different brands you work with, in theory, the more stable, long-lasting, better-paying your workplace is, the higher chance you have. This also further includes information such as your credit score, address, and so forth.

Please don’t take this as an immediate denial, remember, there’s no harm in trying!

Tips & Tricks

So after so much, it all boils down to finding the most beneficial deal! As humankind evolves, new scams are popping up along the way, trying to pocket your hard-earned money. Here are a few tips & tricks that you might want to pick up on when embarking on the journey of securing the perfect deal:

  • Research! One can never emphasise this enough, keep researching about your desired company, or when looking for one. Please keep a lookout for things such as reviews, ongoing scams, as well as their APR rates, down payments, and other segments.
  • Ask around. From forums to friends & family, to chat-groups, the list is endless, ask around for the general perception of how much a company is widely known, as well as how trustworthy they are.
  • Look out for red flags! Stay vigilant when going through the process of obtaining a loan. Although you might feel ushered by adrenaline upon hearing that you’ve been accepted, keep a lookout for potential scams and suspicious activity regarding what you’ve been asked to submit.


This leads me to the next point, NowLoan fits all of the above-mentioned criteria and offers a wide variety of services. From bad credit score loans to a quick form required, you’ll be assured nothing but the downright best! Although please keep in mind, NowLoan is a broker, not a lender. Meaning NowLoan hooks you up with the right connections, and ensure the process is streamlined for both parties.


In a nutshell, a broker links you up with the proper connections, and ensures everything proceeds accordingly to their standards. While they take a cut out of the transactions, to keep the company standing, please note that NowLoan doesn’t charge you any fees; instead, they charge the lender.

Why is using a broker better?

On the contrary to standardised lenders, a broker, such as NowLoan, can hook you up with more connections, hence, increasing your chances of being accepted.

NowLoan has 20 UK lenders ready to review your application!

Why NowLoan?

The feeling of a safe & secured connection, alongside its 8% APR rate and possessing a large number of lenders, is the physical embodiment as to why it’s one of, if not the most fitting company to loan from.

Concluding Statement

So, after everything that has been said and done, why not get back up on your feet, fill out a quick form, and be on the road to starting that dream company of yours!

But at the same time, before doing so, ensure you’re physically capable of paying back any outstanding debt you’ll incur when getting a loan.

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