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How to fix iTunes error 3194 when iTunes does not connect with an iPhone

Are you facing a problem when iTunes is not detecting your iPhone?

The reason could be that your iPhone might have run into the error 3194.

iTunes error 3194 primarily occurs when iTunes, the Apple media player,  fails to communicate with the updated server. Hence, your iOS device needs to be updated and restored so as to establish connection between iTunes and the updated server. You, indeed, would feel miserable when your iPhone won’t connect to iTunes.

Wondershare has developed an incredible software solution to take you out of the problem. iTunes error 3194 or iPhone error 3194 can be easily fixed with the toolkit called iPhone won’t connect to iTunes. The process is extremely user-friendly as it involves few simple steps for you to get out of the trouble quite conveniently. dr.fone helps you fix iOS back to normal without any data loss.

What exactly is the error 3194?

Error 3194 is one of the generic errors that can develop on any iOS device or Windows. The error occurs when an iOS device is updated and restored but the installed iTunes is not able to communicate with the server. The reason is that the installed iTunes is not compatible to establish a connection with the updated server. Any new entry in the host file, security software and some other third-party software may block, interrupt or redirect the communication which iTunes is trying to establish. Hence, the problem persists.

How can error 3194 be fixed?

One can attempt to fix the error by following the below steps:

1 First and foremost, you close iTunes in your iPhone.
2 Host file is to be opened for which you need to open the terminal from the Utility folder.
3 There you write sudo nano/etc/hosts and press Return
4 It opens the host file in the notepad.
5 Once it is open, find whether the Apple address is there or not.

6 If it is there, just prefix it with #.
7 If it is not there, then make an entry of it in the host file.
8 Save the changes made in the host file.

9 Press Cltrl+x to exit.

Open iTunes to check whether it works now. Generally, the error 3194 is fixed using these steps and thus, the problem is resolved.

But, if the problem still persists, dr.fone is there to assist!

dr.fone by Wondershare is unbeatably an awesome toolkit that assures you to fix iPhone error 3194 or iTunes error 3194. If you happen to face the problem, take help of dr.fone and relax. What you have to do is, just follow the simple steps:

1 Download dr.fone on your Computer.
2 Once installed, launch it through clicking on Repair in the principal window.

dr. fone

3 Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable.
4 Click on Start, once the device is recognized by the computer software.
5 Now, put your phone on DFU mode as it is essential for fixing error 3194. Hold the Home and the Power button for about 10 seconds then leave the Power button but keep pressing the Home button for another few seconds till the device is in DFU mode.

6 Now, enter your model as demanded by dr.fone.
7 After entering your device model, click on Download to install the firmware.
8 Once downloaded, click on Fix Now.

Most likely, the error is fixed following the above steps but if the problem still continues to persist, iTunes Repair comes into the picture where certain steps need to be followed:

9 Repeat 1, 2 &3 steps, and then click on iTunes Repair.
10 The window which opens now has three options out of which iTunes Repair Connection Issues is to be clicked on.
11 If the problem still exists, then Repair iTunes Errors is to be clicked on after clicking on iTunes Repair (refer step 9).

iTunes Repair in the software is capable of dealing with the error 3194 in a manner which not possible by other software. It is, indeed, efficient, hence, rectifies the error.

12 Check your iTunes, if it is not working even now, then you have to click on Advanced Repair shown by the software.

The problem is most likely to be addressed by following these steps unless you have jailbroken your device earlier. In case your device is jailbroken, then follow these steps:

  1. Install iCloud on your computer.
  2. Create iCloud account with your Apple id.
  3. Click on Find My iPhone in iCloud which takes you to the registered iOS devices.
  4. There, you click on All Devices menu to make a selection of your iOS device.
  5. Then, the iOS device’s card is open with an erase option. Click on the Erase iPhone button. It confirms one more time and proceeds towards factory settings.
  6. Once done, set up your iOS device and restore your backup and thus, you’ll be successful in troubleshooting the error 3194.

dr.fone is one solution catering to many problems. The product is matchless and loaded with great features:

  1. This software solution is not capable of fixing only iTunes error 3194 but also the other iTunes error like error 14, iTunes error 9, iTunes error 27, iTunes error 4013 and many others.
  2. The most amazing feature of this toolkit is to recover your entire data and hence, data loss is out of question.
  3. Certain iOS device problems, concerning black screen, white Apple logo, device in recovery mode or restart of the device, can easily be fixed with this software.
  4. Be it iPhones, iPads or iPods, the software has efficacious solutions for all models.
  5.  The solution is capable of dealing with the latest iOS version too.

Wondershare has come up with a remarkable software solution – dr.fone. It can not only repair error 3194 but also more than 100 iTunes errors including install/update/connect/restore/backup and other issues. dr.fone fixes your iTunes without any data loss. It boosts all the iTunes versions and gets your device back to normal. The most irresistible advantage of the product is that it is so user-friendly that anyone can use it by following simple steps without any risk of malware. dr.fone toolkit has been used by plenty of users and has been regarded as one of the best, present so far.

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