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How to find the best crib mattress

A great mattress makes the crib cozier, not to mention that it supports the needs of your growing child. It may not be the most exciting purchase you will make, but it certainly is one of the most important ones, as the little one will spend a great deal of time in the crib. The mattress provides a much-needed layer of comfort, providing a guarantee that the infant will sleep like an angel all night long. Not only does a great crib mattress helps your sweetheart sleep better at night but also ensures complete safety, being firm and even. If you are looking to buy a high-quality crib mattress, there are certain aspects you need to pay attention to.

Don’t judge the crib mattress by its cover

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You know the old saying “You cannot judge a book by its cover”, which means that you should not determine the value of something based on outward appearance. Product appearance is an important attribute, no doubt, yet it is not the most important one. What matters the most is what is on the inside of the crib mattress. Some products are soft to the touch, but they start to falter the moment that your baby begins to use them. Since firmness can vary, it is necessary to put the crib mattress to the test, that is, to hold your hand on the mattress and press it firmly. It ought to spring back when you lift your hand. Innerspring mattresses are better than foam because they do not wear out and are more focused on support.

Keep in mind safety concerns

It is a good idea to buy an organic crib mattress because it is chemical free, as opposed to traditional mattresses, which are made from petrochemical-derived foams. The aforementioned foams can pose a threat to your little one’s health. In the past, petrochemical foams have been associated with allergy development and even asthma, which is the reason why you should get a crib mattress that features organic cotton fabric and filling. The Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress is one of the highest quality crib mattresses that you can buy. What makes this product so special is the innerspring that is built to last a long, long time; the purest cotton is used for the filling, as the company buys from USDA-certified sources, and the mattress offers the child a comfy sleeping environment. Organic crib mattresses are completely safe, so they are just perfect for a natural, healthy sleep. Just so you know, if something is labelled as organic, it does not mean that the baby will sleep safely. Look at reviews before making a purchase.

Make sure the crib mattress has a cover

More often than not, the crib mattress comes with a cover that is meant to protect the product from accidents like spills. It ensures an additional layer of protection, keeping the mattress safe against leaky accidents, which is an option you will definitely want. It is simpler to keep the crib mattress clean and you do not have to worry about things, like dust mite infestation. Find a mattress that offers waterproofing, breathability, and, last but not least, an anti-microbial layer. Getting educated first will help you make the right choice, so make sure to read a great many reviews.

Choosing a mattress for a baby is not the same thing as choosing one for an adult. Only top-quality will do in this case, if you understand what we mean. Make a list for when the baby arrives and do not forget to include the crib mattress at the top of the list.

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