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How to find best Ketamine clinics near me in 2021

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Looking for the best Ketamine clinics near me provider might be a hard-nut-to-crack. You should overlook all possible clinics that offer this modality, and then inform them about your mental health or pain condition. Nowadays, all the providers of Ketamine infusion therapy may be found online. They either have their contact details on third-party websites or their own official websites. Let’s dive into the search for the best Ketamine clinics near me provider deeper.

What are Ketamine clinics near me

First off, you should clearly understand whether Ketamine clinics near me is a good fit for your case. Today, there are dozens of reviews of this cutting-edge modality, however, it does not make it suitable for treating all possible mental health conditions and painful chronic syndromes.

Ketamine clinics near me is a treatment protocol provided by the state-board certified specialists in the field. It may be either a private practice of the anesthesiologist or therapist or a clinic that specializes in such treatments. Then, Ketamine may be administered in a variety of ways including through IV, IM, PO infusions, oral mints/lozenges as well as Spravato. The latter is the only eligible for insurance coverage Ketamine which is a nasal spray with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for depression treatment in adults. Finally, Ketamine infusion therapy may vary in the timeline. Some providers stick to a standard course of 6 sessions 40 minutes to 1 hour each for mental health infusions and 2-4 hours for pain syndrome infusions.

Who is not eligible for Ketamine infusion therapy? As was said above, Ketamine clinics near me is not a good fit for every particular case. Pregnant and nursing mothers, patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure, active psychosis should seek other treatment protocols for their health conditions. It is worth mentioning that there were no confirmations on the harm of Ketamine infusion therapy for pregnant mothers, however, it remains contraindicated modality for them.

Note, the above-mentioned contraindications are only examples, and they are many more. If you believe Ketamine clinics near me is good for you, speak to your healthcare provider about its applicability.

Finding the best Ketamine infusion therapy

The tips will be basic since everything depends on your location and your expectations regarding the provider. Beyond that, you may do your own research involving the comparisons of prices, and doctors with the highest experience. Off we go.

  1. Regardless of your location, proceed with overlooking the ASKP directory. ASKP organization stands for American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists, and Practitioners. In their directory, you may find approved providers in your state or city, and learn more about the health conditions and treatment protocols one of them offer.
  2. Speak to your current healthcare provider. Since you anyway have to speak to your doctor about the applicability of Ketamine infusion therapy for your case, use this possibility to learn about the best providers near you. Your doctor may have connections with practicing doctors in Ketamine clinics, and may just get the necessary information for you faster.
  3. Address this inquiry to your friends. Since mental health conditions and pain conditions are very common, one of your friends may know the best provider of Ketamine clinics near me. Otherwise, a friend may also have close connections with the practicing doctors in the Ketamine clinic near you.
  4. In case, you do not have any clinics in your state that provide this treatment modality, you should anyway overlook providers in the nearby states and cities. Note, it does not matter which state you are from, the only requirement is your doctor’s referral.

Let’s imagine that you have found the best Ketamine infusion therapy provider, what’s next? Commonly, the only thing you have to proceed with is to call them or contact them by email. At the same time, you should be aware of some questions to address further to the provider. Check some of them below.

  • Ask whether a provider has had the experience of treating patients with a similar to your mental health or pain condition. It may somehow alleviate your stress or nerves.
  • Learn what the duration of the whole course of Ketamine infusion therapy is for you. Furthermore, ask whether they offer any counseling or boosters after completing the initial series of infusions.
  • Learn more about the price. Since Ketamine infusion therapy is never a cheap modality, you should ask them about the Advance Care Card or if you are a veteran or first-aid responder – about any discounts. Beyond that, if the provider offers Spravato, you may learn about its applicability to your particular case.
  • Ask about additional treatment approaches. Ketamine infusion therapy may be supported by meditations, mindfulness techniques, and other holistic treatments. If there are any, it will be good for fastening the onset of relief.

Finally, do not be shy to ask the provider of Ketamine infusion therapy about their certifications or documents. You as a patient should access all such information to be sure that the provider or clinic with all its staff is fully certified to work with the anesthetic off-label. Beyond that, it shows you that the clinic staff knows how to administer it for healing purposes.

The bottom line

Now, you are equipped with basics when looking for the best Ketamine clinics near me provider. Do not forget that your choice should be always based on the treatment protocol a provider offers. It means that the provider should know how to approach your health condition, and ensure you will be always safe and sound during the infusion sessions. One for the road tip is to overlook some feedback of other patients who visited one or another clinic for Ketamine infusion therapy. However, do not trust blindly any negative opinions since they may be written by competitors. Good luck with your healing journey, and do your best to find the most affordable provider which will meet all your expectations.

Story by Dina Burkitbayeva

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