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How to find and hire a mobile app developer

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As a business owner or someone in charge of making crucial decisions for their company, you’ve probably used a mobile app before.

How was your experience with it?

I’m sure it definitely made your tasks easier.

So now you’re thinking about creating one for your business, too.

That’s nice thinking.

Developing a mobile app will, no doubt, help you scale your business to the next level because with it, you can target a whole new set of audience.

But how will you find the best mobile app development company to help you build one?

Truthfully, there are lots of mobile app developers out there. And choosing one might get pretty confusing if you have no idea what to look out for.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to find an app developer that’s good enough for your project.

Understand the type of app you want

Do you want a simple app that will fulfill some basic/generic app commands like “buy,” “sign up,” or you’re looking for an enterprise-level app that’s specially customized for your own business and audience – something that can collect and process customer’s data on the spot?

If the former is what you need, then you should be okay hiring an app development company that builds mobile apps using “existing templates.”

All they have to do is identify a template that suits your purpose and then add a few designs, and voila, you have your app.

But if the latter is what you want, then you may want to choose those companies who build mobile apps from scratch. With them, cleaner app code that runs smoothly is guaranteed, plus a better overall design and user interface.

Check out their previous apps

It’s just basic reasoning that before you trust someone with your project, you should ask to see their previous works.

But in the case of app development, you aren’t just asking to see their works; you should be testing their works.

Download them and click around. If you aren’t able to tell what a good-performing app is from a wishy-washy app, ask someone else to do the testing for you. This person can be one of your company’s IT guys or a colleague who’s tech-savvier than you.

By testing their apps, you can get a sense of their style so that if you later choose to work with them, you can use their previous work as benchmarks for features you like or dislike.

Don’t hire a one-man developer

It’s always best to avoid a one-man app development company or a freelancer. This is because there are various aspects involved in the creation of mobile apps, and while a man might be skilled in one area, he might not be so skilled in other areas.

For example, someone might be a strong coder but might not offer expertise in the areas of design and user interface.

This is especially true of freelancers.

With a multi-personnel app development company, however, you have individuals who’re skilled in specific areas, meaning you’ll get the best of user interface, back-end code, design, and functionality.

Are you developing for iOS users, Android users, or both?

It should be understood that there are app developers who develop mobile apps for iOS devices only, and there are those who develop for android devices. Before proceeding to hire a company, you need to consult with a few companies to know whether they have the expertise required to build the type of app you want.

If, however, you’re choosing a company that claims to have an expertise to design for both operating systems, be sure to check to see if the team has credentials or certifications for both. You want to know that they adhere to the best coding practices.

Talk to their previous clients

By now, you should have a list of companies you’re eyeing. But before making a decision on the one to work with, you should reach out to the owners of some of the apps they claimed to have built in the past.

Ask them what it was like to work with the company. Find out what they liked and what they didn’t like. These questions can help you get a feel of what it’s like to work with the company.


Story by Uday Tank