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How to find a great Ruby on Rails development team for your project

Wondering how to find a great Ruby on Rails development team for your project? Don’t how to search for and find one? Not sure which criteria to apply? No worries, we got you covered. In this detailed guide, you will discover step-by-step instructions for finding the right Ruby development team quickly, easily and safely.

Before we answer how to find a Ruby on Rails development team, we must also answer “why” – why choose Ruby on Rails (RoR) for development and not some other technology? There are a few important reasons which will explore next.

Why Use Ruby on Rails?

Ruby, and its corresponding framework Rails, being one of the most popular programming frameworks, offers significant advantages to its users such as ease of syntax, free license, the speed of development and an extensive library of ready-to-use solutions.

So now that you know why RoR is a perfect solution for your software project, we can finally learn how to find the right team for you.

How to Find Qualified Ruby on Rails Developers: 7 Steps

To find the right talent, you must have a clear step-by-step process in place and know which specific criteria to use during the search. Below you will find the exact 7 steps necessary for finding a great Ruby on Rails team.

Step 1: Search Only for Companies with 5+ Years of Experience

The longer a potential development partner is on the market the better. We recommend looking for at least 5 years of experience in RoR development. If a company you are reviewing is not that old, just move on. Experience is the key.

Step 2: Ensure They Have Corresponding Certifications

Consider only those firms which have relevant certifications in Ruby and RoR. If a company does not have any RoR certifications or similar documents which confirm its proficiency in that technology, move on.

Step 3: Ensure They Have a Vast Portfolio of Successful Projects

The software development company of your choice must have a vast number of successful RoR projects completed. Once again, RoR projects, not some other technologies. It does not matter how many projects they’ve got in other technologies as we care only about Ruby.

Step 4: Check Their Developers’ Qualifications

Ask a company to provide detailed info on their Ruby developers, their biographies, education, certifications, and so forth. You must ensure that their developers are really qualified and have corresponding documentation which can confirm it.

Step 5: Ensure They Are Located in the Right Time Zone and Region

It’s not a good idea to work with a team in India if you are based in Colorado. Your team must be located in the region and time zone which is convenient for regular communication. Additionally, the selected region must be known for talented and qualified Ruby developers and guarantee political stability.

Step 6: Ensure They Have Transparent Terms of Services and Payment Terms

Before signing an agreement, you must carefully examine their terms of services as well as their payment terms. You must ensure they are transparent and clear.

Step 7: Don’t Forget about NDA

Yes, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is really, really important. It’s a grave mistake to forget to include it in the agreement. Have your lawyer carefully design one which will protect your code and your confidential information.

Final Words

Finding a great team is not difficult if done the right way. Today we’ve given you everything you may need to find your best team quickly and easily. Now, it’s your turn to apply our step-by-step by instructions and bring your idea to life. Good luck:)

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