How to export Exchange mailbox to PST

Nowadays, data means a lot for an end user. Regardless if this data is for a corporation or for private use, both mutually care about the way their data is stored and managed. Also, it is no secret that our laptops and PCs are our closest friends. Many of us constantly use these devices for all kinds of data exchanges and storage but we know little about how these processes actually happen. Therefore, when there is a need to migrate a whole bunch of files and documents to a different mailbox, issues often arise.

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In this article, we want to try and explain exactly how one should export export Exchange mailbox to PST files for the purpose of it later being re-imported to different email service. The main idea here is that all the emails and other files should be first exported to a special format of files, namely PST. This exportation allows performing a consequent action of re-import to almost any chosen system.

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One of the most natural decisions which are likely to make this process more effortless is to choose a specially developed program. Luckily, there are many services allowing users to perform the desired actions. These services are usually developed to help the user achieve the wanted outcome with the least amount of stress and preparations.

In this article, the main focus is on the service which performs all these actions and also allows a few unique features. These unique features include the creation of complex migration scripts from the command line. They use various macros to create files when exporting to PST (for example, each folder in a separate PST file or for each user, or for each year). For more info on these processes, see below:

  • bundle exports: this program can export user mailboxes in a bundle of as many folders as possible at once. This feature is something that makes this service stand out from the others, as for the others one should usually perform a number of operations to migrate a few mailbox folders;
  • manual mode: the program can be run in two modes. For the manual one, a user must select the desired folder, specify the location of the new.PST file, and then click Run;
  • automatic mode: in this mode, you should create a batch file or just run the product from the command line, the Windows Scheduler or other scripts and applications. To quickly get ready to launch the command line, just click the Show command line button in the application.

All in all, when it comes to some advanced processes and actions on one’s laptop, especially involving data, it makes sense to use the specially designed services. Such actions include various applications assisting the user in some of the most complicated processes. Thus, achieving the desired action.

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