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How to enter and win competitive writing contests

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You’ve seen many ads online promoting writing contests, but you ignore them. Why? If expressing yourself through written words comes naturally to you, or you’ve honed your writing skills through years of practice in your career, there might be a legitimate opportunity for you to enter and win a writing contest. Sounds like a pipe dream? Hardly. There are tons of writing competitions out there for people of all skill levels. Maybe it’s time for you to enter one?

Don’t be afraid

Do you like to dance or hang out with friends? Let’s say your friends wanted to go to a club or lounge, and there was a small cover charge to get inside? Would you not go because you don’t want to lose your money? Of course not! Similarly, if writing is something you like to do, then entering writing contests should be about competing and having fun. Sure, winning cash or a vacation contest would be great, but it shouldn’t be your sole motivation. Writing is a hobby that allows you to express yourself, to be creative, to show the world your point of view or whatever you’ve got bubbling inside.

All writing contests aren’t the same

What are you good at writing? Poems? Short stories? Memes? You need to identify the area where your writing skill shines brightest and find a contest that will allow you to showcase your talent. You’ll come across many contests for different forms of writing. It’s up to you to pick those which give you the best chance to win. If you’re not 100% confident that your writing can compete with other contestants, then start by entering free contests, especially those that offer feedback and advice to participants. After you’ve entered a few free contests and your confidence has increased, then you can find paid contests.

Do you have what it takes?

It makes no sense for anyone skinny to enter a bodybuilding competition. Just as bodybuilders have put in years of preparation to build their muscles, writers have spent years refining their craft. Remember, writing is a skill. You may have a knack for it, but it takes time and practice. Even if your friends and family think you’re a great writer or your co-workers compliment you on your email at work, that doesn’t mean you can compete against people who write for a living.

Real vacation contests

Prizes offered by writing contests range from cash and small electronics to vacations. Yes, you can win a vacation by simply entering a contest. The catch is, these “big prize” contests usually have fees and attract professional writers. Usually the bigger the prize, the greater the entrance fee. But you’re not worried, right?

The true prize

Entering a writing contest affirms self-confidence. You’re saying: “Here I am; this is my talent”. Writing contests provide an escape if you’re at risk of going through life without believing in yourself. This is ultimately your true prize. So if you have a burning passion or just a curious interest in writing, then go for it. Find a writing contest ASAP and have some fun.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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