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How to dress to flatter your figure

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We all come in varying shapes and sizes, and the best way to truly love your body and enjoy your figure is to dress it right. Going to the clothing store or the mall can be overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to shop for a special event or just looking to feel better in your clothes. Below are just a few pointers to get you started:

First things first: Identify your body type

The first step to accentuating your figure is to identify it. Measure the sizes of your bust, width, and hips in inches. This should help you figure out your overall shape and pick out clothes that fit better. Remember that there’s no such thing as perfect or bad body shape, and that even the models on Instagram and high fashion runways fall into any of these categories. Every body type has its pros and cons.

How to dress each body type

Apple: The more top-heavy body type, with the bust being up to three inches bigger than hips and weight around the stomach and midriff. To dress successfully for the apple body type, you want to reduce attention away from your midriff and accentuate your other parts. You can easily wear t-shirts, blouses, and dresses with a V-neck to draw attention to your neck and bust, and long sleeves to remove attention from your arms. Generally, avoid dresses and tops that pinch at the waist, as well as tights. Instead, put on flared pants that sit right below your hipbone, and tops or any compression clothing from confidence body wear shirts that cover any curves you don’t want to show.

Pear: A pear body type generally has hips being way bigger than bust (bottom-heavy), with more noticeable behind and thighs. If you want to make your hips look slimmer, opt to balance out your upper body with your bottom. Wear items that add to your shoulder and bust area, such as bras that accentuate the bust and colorful tops that direct attention to your upper body. Put on straight-leg or skinny pants with heels to elongate your legs.

Straight or rectangular body type: This body type is essentially long, with smaller curves and a more ‘boyish’ profile. You want to wear outfits that flatter your slim profile and create curves that move around the waist area. Start by adding a belt to your dress and find items with frills and ruffles to add femininity and volume to your figure. Avoid boyish clothes, and instead, stock up on miniskirts, tights, skinny jeans, and women’s track clothing to show off your lovely legs and add shape to your body.

Hourglass body: Your hips and bust measurement are equal, and you have a small waist. Items that make you look boxy will hide your curves, so avoid them. Wear items that pinch at your waist to show them off instead. For an even better look, ensure your clothes fit perfectly. A dress that doesn’t fit will make you look pregnant or heavy. Embrace V-neck dresses and tops, and wear a supportive bra underneath. Generally, follow your body’s natural outline for stunning looks every day.

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